Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A class in Theology

A group of kids, with some in their early childhood, came to the church on a war footing  to meet the Parish priest. “Where is the parish priest???” they enquired. “Down the corridor, in the room on the right” the sacristan replied looking at the anger on their face coupled with great dejection, without raising a question. The kids knocked on the door. “Come in” said the priest wondering who came to visit him at this hour in the morning. “Father, we're angry, very angry with God”. The priest thinking that this was not an ordinary issue folded his newspaper and kept it aside along with his cup of tea. “Why, what happened”. “Father, do you know, our cat was very sick. We prayed to God, so much, every day, every single day so he would cure him of his sickness. We showed him to the doctor, gave him medicines, took great care of him but to no avail. God has failed us. We are very angry with Him. Now we demand an answer as to why God did this. Tell us Father, tell us.”

Rounding up the kids the priest began explaining the concepts of life and death and theology. After going on and on, one of the kids; the youngest; held the arm of his sister who was standing right next to him and jerked it. With big eyes his sister chided him “Pay attention”. The boy tried paying attention again but again his patience ran out. He again gave his sister’s arm a jerk, this time he pulled it so hard that his sister’s ear was right next to his mouth. “This Father doesn't know anything!”

Sensing that the kids were not able to understand what he was saying and were getting restless by the minute he said, “You know God really loved the cat a lot and he couldn't do without it, hence he took it back. Your cat is now with God and in the best of health and happiness”. Hearing this the kids went back home happy and delighted that now their cat was with God and doing well.

Moral of the story – Always know your audience and speak to them in a language they understand. When you go fishing you don’t put a piece of pizza as a bait but a worm. Why? Because a fish doesn't know what pizza is but surely knows what a worm is.


  1. Hey nice story..and a very apt moral! :) well written !!


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