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Give your house a Total Makeover


Does your Living room live? Is your Kitchen the perfect place for the perfect cooking? In short is your house the home you dreamt of it to be?
If you answered NO to ANY of the above then come to us and we will help you realize your dream… 

Who are WE?
We offer a full range of Interior Design services for residential and commercial spaces including converting your existing kitchen into a new modular style without any structural damage.

What do we DO?
We design and execute as per your requirements, be it a minor revamp or major renovation, 
fully customized & cost effective to suit your Budget.

What do YOU get?
You get a space that’s truly yours, dreamt by you and designed for you and to your needs.

So reach TOTAL MAKEOVERS on or call 9960325583 for a FREE site visit where we will show you what we have to offer so you can fall in love with your home again. You can also reach us at

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lost in History

There have been multiple mass massacres and disaster in our country that fade away in old files and Folders , often justice denied. Stories of  tore FIR papers, or promised compensations that were hardly dispatched, One such incident is the Sabarimala Pullumedu Disaster (read more ). This post isnt about the complaints or aftereffects, just another first person attempt towards the narration of the tragedy.

This had become just like a ritual for  me....devotion always had a very prominent place in my heart...
....I wasn't  a god fearing fact I loved god...

This year too, I decided to visit sabarimala.
My decision to make my 18th pilgrimage to sabarimala on makarasankrathi was perhaps a coincidence..
It was the first time that I am going to witness the 'wonder'..and the feeling was completely different. Devotion, excitement , adventure....every thing rained into me..

There exists many contradictions against the mystery of occurrence of Makara Jyothi..they say it all..

Numerous reasons..but I find it very difficult to decide between rationalism and devotion.

However it was completely a different experience when I witnessed everything...a sense of completeness...the belief that the almighty does exist...

It had answered my question..perhaps the question which remains unanswered in the hearts of many a souls on this earth...


Many have their own reasons to justify the existence of the super power ,,but today my eyes answered them all..I was almost immersed in the truth..and forgot all the other worldly existence..It was completely different ,,,an aura of purity and holiness

The extra security and force on the proper path to sabarimala caused many a discomfort for the devotees..and hence to avoid the danger of stampede we preferred the other way..the way through pullumedu.

It was my journey back home..much eager to share my experience with my family
This time there was a feeling of  completeness in me

There were many happy faces around me...right from the 5 year old to the 70 year old.

It all began with a road accident..perhaps the reason is still not clear for the government .. may be the clarity is dim because of the closed eyes of irresponsibility..

All that I remember is just a hush bush caused by many a people running across..disturbing the serene atmosphere..
the air that echoed Swami Saranam was now filled with cries of helplessness..

Perhaps many had experienced the unexpected...and then after a minute of complete darkness....I opened my eyes...I could see an auto besides a jeep..both crushed ...only to result in many black and saffron torn clothes ...very difficult to recognise human body amidst the crap...

I tried lifting myself ...all that I wanted was to escape from this disastrous away to a  peaceful that I could prove myself that it was just a bad night mare...and I am going to wake from my sleep in a minute or so...
but truth was something else...I was completely destroyed when I realised that my body is almost paralysed ..and ...


I saw them all...the 5 year old with whom I shared this journey...the old woman who explained me the significance of devotion and belief..

An hour ago...I hardly thought about my lifespan...In fact I was busy searching excuses to explain to my boss for the extended leave..I just cared about the job journey..but never ever imagined it to be the last journey of my life..

Far from my loved ones...the only thing that remains is the desire to meet them once..but helpless ...

My body is lying here in the debris along with many a this is somewhere all the gaps are one even asks you about the colour of your ration card when you are at the gates of death...every creature is equal in the eyes of death

I wish my death no more remains a unanswered case like many other accidents...I wish they sort out the reason for this stampede...

I wish they don't price the value of my lakhs or thousands.,...

I wish no more devotee ever fear to visit sabarimala..for silly security reasons..

I wish they show more interest in the investigation of the accident,...and not in the reality of makara jyothi..

but can the DEAD wish...??

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The Sexy and Hot Beach Gal

I saw her on the beach,
while walking towards the sea.
She was in a dark black dress
and in a jeans bought at Lee.

Her kinky hair was all wet
as breeze played songs for them.
The sun seemed glowing only for her
and her face brighter than gem.

She was looking down below
endlessly at grains of sand.
It was the moment that I saw her,
coiffing her hair with her hand.

Her lively eyes were lined black
and she had a gentle blush on her face.
My heart turned poetic,
overwhelmed by her grace.

She had her own little ways
to define the word ‘feminine’.
It was her honey dipped beauty
that looked so divine.

I wondered what she was thinking
and what was going in her mind.
I wanted to talk to her but thought,
‘what reasons I could find’ ?

Her friends were playing cricket
but she seemed least interested in that.
I thought to try my luck and kicked a football
that landed right on her hat.

The trick was to start a conversation
while asking for the ball.
But with the look in her eyes it seemed "Beaten by beauty at beach"
would be the status on my FB wall

Slowly and steadily I moved towards her
with an apologetic face.
A miracle was the only thing,
that could save me in this case.

Just than I heard the kicking
sound of the ball.
As I moved my face up
it hit firmly on the right side of my GAAL.

She was staring in my eyes,
with hands firmly on her waist.
I stared back but than smiled,
to affirm, what she did was the best.

Suddenly her magnetic smile took over the stare
And I was glued to it as I had nothing else to care

Her friends called her as it was time to leave,
worst thing at this moment that
I could have perceived.

With a faint smile I waved her good bye
But in response she flew a paper plane,
which had something written on its DAAYE

It had a msg saying
"8 P.M. CCD , Powai"....:)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Aazadiyan: A Look At Life

Something which all of us acknowledge is the presence of the nagging voice in our hearts. It's the voice which tells us what we really want, what we are or what we have become. It's that tiny little poke which reminds us how we have somehow screwed up life and we should "un-screw" it. One of the common commands it issues is to break free and change everything. Call it whatever you want, I call it Aazadi.

Don't mistake me for the colloquial English synonym "freedom". To me Aazadi expresses much more than freedom. It reflects the pride of achieving our dream, cherishing our passion and our inexpressible joy at doing all of that. Someone finds solace in snapping pictures of animals while someone loves to play the drums. Someone loves writing poems while on the flip side, some find sadistic pleasure in being a critic. My point is that everyone has his or her own forte and guilty pleasures. But not everyone gets to do that. Some bow down to the pressure of economic troubles and some to social ridicule. Some are scared by the magnitude to scale and some have plainly lost hope.Some,like Santiago are still searching for their Alchemist while some are being their own.

It's a funny thing how many people claim passion to be hokum,dismissing it as lore.I pity them because they don't know the feeling  of true happiness. I'm on the path of achieving my own dream, and the rush,the feel,the emotions,the passion and the pure unadulterated exhilaration is simply unmatchable.

People ask me with awestruck faces "You're 17 and you think you know your passion and your dreams?Yeah right!". I tell them this: Dreams don't have age,nor does your passion or happiness. As to how I stumbled on to my Philosopher's stone, it was easy. Just think and ponder over this question: "What would you do if money didn't matter?" and you'll find the answer. 

To all those who still believe their thoughts and their dreams are entangled and chained in shackles, I quote my favourite song

Pairon ki bediyan khwabon ko baandhe nahi re, kabhi nahi re

Mitti ki parton ko nanne se ankur bhi cheeray, dheere dheere
Iraade hare hare, jinke seeno mein ghar kare
Woh dil ki sune kare na darre, na darre

Subah ki kirno ko rokein jo salaakhein hai kahan
Jo khayalon pe pehre daale woh aankhein hai kahan
Par khulne ki deri hai parinde udh ke choomenge
Aasman aasman aasman

Dream and dream on friends :)

PS:I also recommend you read these posts as well : It's Okay To Be ConfusedDebugging Life and Debugging Life(Rebooted)

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Kuch Ankahee Baatein...

Something in Urdu for a change. :)

Jazbat aise hue hamse khafa
Hume toh laga hum askho ko hi bhul gae..
Dil mei unki yaadon k sahare,
Hooton pe muskan aur zindagi mei tanhayee
Liye hum yunhi chalte rahe..
Jab ek roz unse nazre mili..
Woh andheka kar ke chale gae..
Uss din dil roya
Aur aankon se aasu beh gaye..

woh kehte hai bhula dena mujhe,
na humsafar hun na hamnava,
teri zindagi mei ek rahi hoon..
kal tha kal kya pata...


Ek raat aisi aae hai,
Jab teri yaad satae hai…
Andhero mei ghum
Aankhen hai num..
Dhundli hai manzil..
Lekin tanhae hai sang..
Aaj phir ek raat aisi aae hai..
Jab teri yaad dil ko satae hai…

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Apply Yourself Unnecessarily

While this is not a latest attempt at learning something that did not come easily and actually quite some years old, I thought this would be worth mentioning as it more ‘memorable’ of some sorts with mixed feelings and not exactly good or bad.

It is something back in the day during when I was in school, and perhaps the first time I realized how fucked up our education is (the realization which kept growing till date and continues to do so). There are several boards of school/high school education common in the country and worldwide, while every state had its own state board, in mine of which I was a part of. Here in
Bombay and in the whole state, we had 3 languages, the first language of course was English, the second language was Marathi being my state’s language while the third was optional to choose from for grades 8-10, where many schools offered different ones like Hindi (the national one), Sanskrit (India’s oldest language and one of the world’s oldest) and French being most popular choices while several other schools in the city/state and other parts of the county offering more like German, etc. I took Sanskrit, primarily because it fetched good marks, and something which I enjoyed as I was familiar with lot of Indian scriptures.

Now here is when the problem(s) started (in this context). I’m from a primarily English speaking family, somewhat manage to speak my mother tongue Tamil and Hindi, both being quite messed up, and there was this new language. I had nothing against (in the beginning atleast) as learning a new language is always fun, growing watching anime, reading manga and being familiar with Japanese culture, there was an interest in Japanese. My uncle is from Germany, so I had interest in German too. And who isn’t interested in (the) French and Spanish? ;)

I had to deal with Marathi, the beginning 2 years grades 5 & 6 I survived somehow but eventually failed in my finals of grade 6, I remember getting some 70% and my performance had dipped from a potential 90 straight just because of that. And when you are a person like me who doesn’t care about these petty things (seriously who cares about school?), and especially when you are from a typical Indian/Asian family (South Indian – Brahmin to make it more worse than it already is) it was seriously hell.

For the first time in my life I had ‘failed’ (again I school context) and it hurt the pride and soul of my civilization (or so it seemed) and for the first time in my life I went for one of the only tuition for Marathi near my home/school in the afternoons after school from grade 7-10.  To me it totally didn’t make sense, why Marathi is mandatory but the national language (still doubts in it) Hindi is an option? I’m not at all racist, but why is there a need for me to
mug-the-shit-up of it? There was clearly no learning in it, which I soon realized prevail till perhaps I’ll graduate now. I can’t say for the rest of the world (completely) but anything attached to the word ‘system’ itself here is completely fucked up. Not even exaggerating slightly.

But coming back to the story here, there was a good side of it too. My tutor Mrs. Prathiba Aunty (as I said earlier in my other post, in school days, female teachers had no last name, either it was ‘mam’ or ‘aunty’ if bit informal as in this case) is a very sweet lady and I still see her once a while as I stay nearby, and almost every year pay a visit to her on her birthday in early February (which is now coming). I also made really good buddies, spent those days hooked on Nintendo, Pokémon, Sonic, Dragonball and countless others. Although seldom to none contact with any of them now, since all have their own lives and I keep forgetting the password of mine, it was not all bad.

And if you are curious, I managed to pass out with a decent 90% (I honestly don’t know how, my genius was never in the books) and leave that crap behind. Well thanks to that, I can understand Marathi, if not read or write properly, is useful as I live here, but not was not necessary at the same time. And my Hindi still sucks.

That was my not-so-really-learning story for this time.

Originally posted on my blog here
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Opening new vista's - The Tata Indica Vista D90

Attention: This is my first ever car review and for a person like me who’s not into cars this is a tough task. But since a few kind people made the start to my year awesome and never like before I shall leave no stone unturned to please them. So here goes a post, pictures and even an on-the-drive video review of the car. What’s more I have put in the feedback of 7 of my friends whom I took along. Hence, effectively, this is an 8 people review all rolled in one. Pics and video links below.

Frankly speaking I’m not much into cars. Words like horse power, bps, quadrajet, etc go way above my head. I ask and am interested in the simplest question. Yes, it’s a question every Indian or rather every human being with a tight pocket would ask, “Kitna deti hai”. Once I have got that then the other easily visible and more practical things come into picture like space, comfort, style, colour, amenities, etc. I leave all the details under the bonnet right there. Hence if you’re looking for the inner technical details and finer aspects I’m sorry I may disappoint you. I shall make an attempt but I can’t promise you wonders. So here is my review of the to-be-launched Tata India Vista D90 ZX.

The front of the Vista D90 brochure 

The back of the Vista D90 brochure 

The Engine – The beast inside.
The Vista D90 is Tata Motors’ latest offering in the B+ Hatchback segment. Equipped with a 90bhp quadrajet engine and with features like the top of the line Manza it gives a feeling as though the Manza has come closer home. Even though it’s a diesel car it never gives you a bad feeling. With a maximum power of 90PS at 4000 rpm it works just right with lovely acceleration, smoothness and absolutely no sign of sluggishness. With a ground clearance of 165 mm and a turning radius of 5 meters you will smoothly sail over even the most unleveled speed breaker and cut through traffic. I have tried it on open roads and peak hour traffic and everytime it never let me down. Just a slight touch on the accelerator and it roared. Giving a mileage of about 15kmpl on city roads to about 22kmpl on highways and with a tank capacity of 44L this car promises not to burn a hole in your pocket. In case you have forgotten it’s a diesel, which means even more savings. 

The Appearance – The sexy lady
In very simple words, the Vista is a head turner. The car with its sharp looks and bold lines stands tall. The body colour bumpers with sleek headlights and taillights add to the looks. Adding a bit of contrast the roof is black in colour. With an extended front end and stunning chrome detailing on the exteriors complemented with a  pearl black finish strip on the rear this sexy lady definitely grabs a lot of eyeballs. The eight-spoked factory fitted alloy wheels if nothing else keeps the eyeballs rolling further.

Other than the Spice Red colour which I got, the Vista comes in 5 more variants – Summer Sparkle (yellow), Cavern Grey, Porcelain White, Brilliant Blue and Arctic Silver. You may choose one which suits your style. But in my opinion the Spice Red is the best out there. Pics and video links below.

The Long (Island) view. Pics and video links below

The Comfort – Caresses you like a baby
A plush dual-tone interior with ample space was my first impression of the car. The wide, Sahara Beige coloured fabric covered seats make sure you’re well seated. With ample room in the car both for the driver and the co-passengers one can actually have a party in it. Though the seating capacity is only for 5 passengers (4+1) I actually fitted 6 people in it. None of them complained of any shortage of space. The adjustable back seats can be flipped (60:40) adding to more room. 

The boot of the car also has sufficient volume to a dead body in (kidding). It is deep and more than sufficient for travel.

A few nice things thrown in are charging point in the rear seat, a storage box below the co-driver’s seat and height adjustable driver’s seat. The lumbar support for the driver ensues that long drives are minus the back aches. The doors have a nice touch of cushion which adds to the look and feel. The steering wheel is adjustable. You can keep it the traditional way of lower it giving you a racing car feel. Did I forget to mention the stereo-mounted audio controls? Yes, I did. You can make calls, change radio stations, tracks or increase/decrease the volume all without an effort.

As mentioned earlier this car has immense leg room. I actually had to pull the seat in front to reach the pedals. This is a great plus for the 6 foot and above people as it accommodates you with ease.

The AC is powerful too. It can get the temperature down by 5 degrees C in 5 minutes on full blast. Keep it on for some more time and you’re in Kashmir. I’m sure you don’t want to get there atleast when Bombay is having its own real winter for once.

The Features – As good as it gets
A big plus over its previous versions is the instrument cluster (the speedometer, rpm, fuel indicator and various other indicators) has moved to the right (behind the steering wheel) from the center.   The advantage here is this lets the driver see such information easily and without cranking his/her neck. Pics and video links below.

All that a driver needs. Pics and video links below

The windows are power operated. The driver console has the entire control of the car. It also sports a child lock. Once the windows are pulled up its pin-drop silence in the car. Given Bombay’s traffic and unnecessary honking that’s a big getaway. It’s like having your own quite world in the middle of the road.

The rear view mirrors are electronically controlled too. The driver can not only set his but also the co-driver’s mirror. I say smart. 

The brakes are more of a full stop than anything. A slight pressure on the frontal disc and rear drum brakes stop the car then and there. For a person who has driven a ZEN day in and out getting used to this was difficult. But once you begin to trust it it’s a fairly smooth drive then onwards. 

The driver information system available is actually my favourite part. Information such as current mileage, average mileage can be obtained just at the push of a button. What’s more it also tells you how many kms it can go before running dry, in other words DTE – Distance To Empty. Now this is some information I wished my ZEN had. Running to the petrol pump just when the needle dips below the ‘E’ sign is so LS. 

The mileage reading helps understand how the car responses in situations. Take it up in a higher gear; push the clutch down for too long changes the readings. Given today’s fuel prices (which is Rs.55/- per litre for diesel in Bombay) this info helps a lot. 

The wipers are a 7-speed and intelligent. Though I haven’t used them the thought of 7-speed itself is cool. The reason they’re intelligent is because if you’re windscreen wipers are on and you wish to take a reverse, the rear wiper automatically kicks off. That’s cool.

Another interesting thing is for the music aficionado’s. The car stereo that sits pretty in the center panel of the car seems just like another music player. But when you switch on the 2 DIN with 4 speaker system you’ll get surprised if not shocked. From USB to discs to auxiliary devices you have it. And if you’re not happy with connecting just one, you can connect upto 5 devices via Bluetooth all thanks to the BLUE 5 technology. The devices go along well with each other just like one well knit family. Wish every family could be like this. The sound is pleasant to the ears. Even though I tuned it low (that’s how I like my music) I was happy with quality. The speakers are good and nicely blended with the upholstery. All in all if you choose to, you can have a party in it.

The variant I had didn’t sport a built-in GPS. How I wish it had. But nevertheless I connected my phone and switched on Google Maps. The directions routed through the car’s speakers were loud and clear. Moreover while making or receiving calls I didn’t have to worry as the controls are all on the steering wheel and the microphone is amazing. No need to shout or repeat sentences.

The price details in Bombay

The Last word - The verdict
Tata has spent a great deal of time and effort on this car. Going by the detailing it shows. The interiors, the comfort and style have been made in leisure. A lot of safety measures have been taken too with Antilock Braking System (ABS) and dual front SRS airbags which add a whole new dimension. 

The height of the car could have been raised a bit. The safety belts are tight and can get on your nerves at times. But since they’re there for your safety you can’t complain much. I also wish the car had a phone holder. If you want the GPS on your phone and have to see it regularly it would be nice.  

Other than that I think the car is value for money. Probably a bit cheaper would have appealed to a lot more consumers but nevertheless for the kind of luxury and features it offers you can’t complain. A few things like a sun roof, auto climate control, auto vipers and headlights would have made this a cut above the rest.

I’ve also heard that Tata is working on some more aspects like making it quitter inside and trying to tweak a few things. So that’s more goodies on its way.

Overall for me this car stood at a nice 8/10. I was thrilled on driving it and am happy with the experience then and the memories now. I was infact so over the moon with this experience that I did an on-the-road recording of it. You may refer to the links below.

I have recommended this car to many people who are contemplating to buy one. In fact, I wish someone could gift me this car as a birthday gift on Wednesday :).

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Friday, January 18, 2013


That incomparable magical Touch,
Sitting beside,enjoying the Closeness,
Feeling each other's Breadth,
The aroma of their body's essence,
Mesmerized in their own world,
Hugs n kisses is all that comes their way.
A feel which is out of this world,
Like the love birds flying independently,
With their wings getting curled.
Such are the moments,
Felt by the loving souls of this Earth.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Kala Ghoda festival - an extravaganza of art, culture and music

Kala Ghoda festival - an extravaganza of art culture, a celebration of art music and other art forms, platform where new ideas meet old thoughts and ways to create setups that can keep you under their spell for quite some time. A nine days long festival that showcases the cultural diversity of India is held every year Mumbai during the month of February and I felt quite lucky when I could witness this amazing display of talent and art.

What can you say when a huge a black horse made of wires, speaker woofers and tires greets you to a festival named after it? Kala Ghoda features installations varied from technological cars to environmental issues and social issues, pavement shows, exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, literary events, film screenings, music concerts, dance performances, theatre shows, workshops, heritage walks and food fiesta, and last year was no different. Stalls of artefact from all the states of India had its own charm and colourful appeal but most of all, them being set up in one lane made me proud of my country that celebrates unity with diversity. A sea of people, from every corner of India, rejoicing in the environment that respects their love for art and a food fiesta, savouring every delicacy of India just grips you tight. How often do you get to see and make clay pots, the potters’ way, in a huge city like Mumbai or policemen, who spend most of their life making you safe, displaying the magic of their hands through paintings and photography? Could you imagine a huge lantern made of Bisleri bottles or a levitating Buddha made of sand? Well Kala Ghoda had it all. Artists like Vishal-Shekhar duo, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy also made this sea of people ripple and wave to the rendition of their tracks and love for the festival.

 And that’s not it; there were street shows like walk a rope, lagzym, puppet shows, a number of folk dance performances and many more. And in the end, it gives you to gift yourself a souvenir of art – a portrait of yourself in pastels or paint with a promise taken that you will surely return. Truly speaking this versatile festival has a lot offer and a lot to share, and for art lovers like me well its nothing less than arty heaven on Earth that promises newer surprises to art and us every year.

So if you are in town this winter from 2nd to 10th feb do sing to the wind with the horse of the city. Be there and be a part of the KALA GHODA festival.

Some installations of last year that completely mesmerized me…

A Beetle car build completely out of e-waste- transistors, IC cassettes, keyboards, can and metal bottle caps and cherry on the cake – red mouse served as its head light.

Noise pollution- an ear meditating, radiating power of silence and an ear tortured by a couple of honks clearly depicting ill consequences of noise pollution.


CRY’s spoon wind chime- Perhaps it was the cutest and most touching installation urging all to fight under nourishment little by little. Every sound of clink that the wind caused just spoke of innocence and of every name written on those spoons.

Cigarette stubs on a bloody ash tray made of human bones. What better 
way to convey the message ‘Smoking is injurious to Health.’

Cutting chai something so genuinely a part of a Mumbaikar was also highlighted by a huge pyramid made of the chai glasses.

-Vaisakhi Mishra
Photo Credits - vmpics

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Book Review: Law of Averages

Book:- Law of Averages

Author:- Kshitish Padhy

ISBN:- 978-93-324-2005-2

Genre:- Fiction/Romantic

Price:- 140 (
I got this book directly from the Author for review)

Pages: 252

Publisher:- Paperclip Books

Whatever has happened has happened for good, whatever is happening is also for good, and whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only. These are the words of sacred Bhagavad Gita and I am sure the wordings may change the language may differ but these are the principles of all the religions of this world. No I am not talking of any mythological novel, what I am talking is a story of a fiction based on the principle stated above.  Yes this is an art of fiction but based on the biggest truth of life. The story will remind you of melodramatic romantic movie of a person who considers himself looser of life losing at all quarters but at the end realizes his loses were in fact the greatest success anybody can dream off.
This story is action packed sequence of romance, capriciousness, freakish, weirdo acts of a person to win his love.

The cover of the page needs a special mention as it will give you enough requisites about the author or the story that you will confront. The title of the Story “Law Of Averages” is an apt considering the lead’s mentality and his present state. The posters at front are a sure intimation of the author’s link with the comics world and the untagged images will definitely make you appreciate the carefully wound pictures relating to zest of the main story once you finish up with the reading.

About the Author:
Law of Averages is the debut novel of Kshitish Padhy. Kshitish is a versatile scriptwriter, novelist and translator working on various genres like mythology, superhero fantasy, teen fiction and fiction for young adults. After starting his writing career as a translator at Raj Comics, he has contributed to the scripts of their flagship characters like Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva and Bhokal. Completing a brief stint with Campfire Comics, Kshitish is currently working as the lead scriptwriter for Vimanika Comics and on mythological titles like Shiva and Dasavtaar. He is an avid reader of comics and children fiction and is a huge fan of Harry Potter, Tintin, Daredevil and Batman. He loves action movies high on special effects and detective thrillers. Kshitish currently resides in Delhi.

Compositional Report:
This story revolves around a not so lucky person Ritwik (Main Character) who has the gifted ability to lose each and every battle of life no matter how small it may be. Beginning with a brief background of Ritwik, the story bludgeoned when Ritwik’s plan to move up the ladder too fast too soon overpowered his present condition, which finally landed him to give up his dreams after a failed attempt. It wasn’t actually a failed attempt as the journey to Meerut for fulfilling a dream had coincidentally greeted not only Ritwik but also Sushant (Ritwik’s coworker at Raj comics who had an expertise to illustrate) to meet their Dream girl and it was just the beginning of coincidences, as the story moved forward it was endowed with numerous such twists and turns.

Sushant Ritwik’s partner for crime played his part pretty well, commencing from a helping hand to get the deal from the Sunshine comics to being Ritwik’s room partner for his would be father in laws flat. It was Sushant’s luck or whatever you may call; it made Ritwik jealous at times as he was the one who was making inroads to Arpita (Sushant’s Love) by doing the right things at the pertinent moment. One drawback which Sushant had was his open shrillness which often landed both of them into trouble and it was up to Ritwik’s sheer determination to forgo all limits to appease his father in law for the love of his life, which provoked him to bear each and everything.

Shubhangi, Ritwik’s love was kind a classical Indian girl, who in spite of loving Ritwik wholeheartedly wasn’t ready to overboard partly because of his rather orthodox Father Professor A.K Khurana, her younger sister’s(Tanya) revolt and also being adorned without a mother made her extra cautious in her move. But that didn’t deter her help Ritwik to win over her father to consider Ritwik as a future groom.

Professor A.K Khurana, a retired from Archaeological survey of department was a disciplinarian and an obese with hidden treasures was not only mimicked by people around but also had the blame deciphered against his name to almost landing their family to the streets for his obsession.  He had a unique ability of messing up at the critical situations but it was Ritwik who noticed the genius in him and believed in his theories which finally yielded gold.

There were moments which can dissuade a person to fall apart but it was Ritwik and his sheer brilliance which proved him to be a winner at the end mainly because of his spirits and determination which paved his way through to the journey of ‘Laws of averages’.  It would be injustice if I miss the Creditable  efforts of Sushant, Arpita, Shubhangi, Professor A.K Khurana, Wishumaddy (Ritwik’s and Sushant’s Coworker), Sanjay sir (Ritwik’s boss at raj comics), Captain Jayant (Shubhangi’s Sister Tanya’s boyfriend) who carried through their roles at critical times to salvage the most entertaining start for Ritwik’s and Shubhangi’s New Life.

It was a perfect photo finish to the enthralling romantic story written in a totally Bollywood style, which would make the readers go week in their knees to finish it at a single go. For me the last quarter is a match winner as it has all the ingredients of making up to a movie script. It’s a story for all ages. A downright entertainer with crafty twists and turns makes it a very good read.

Life’s Adjudication of this book:
This book is best read to enlighten one’s spirit at leisure time. It has the credibility of a ‘feel good’ emotions.

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Saturday, January 05, 2013

True Love …….A different Story (final part)

First part is here

{Hindi Words used
Papa: (Dad)
Beta: (Son/Daughter)
Ma: (Mother)

After hearing the Anup’s story…

Mamoni: Papa you are such a good person…I love you
Anup: I love you too beta.
Mamoni: Papa…what’s the name of that Lady who came last?
Anup: (Almost in jitters) what will you do with her name?
Mamoni: I feel as if she has some relation with you…tell me the name papa.
Anup: you know I never thought I would ever see her again.
Mamoni: Papa you are diverting from the point…tell me her name…
Anup: ok…Her name is Mamoni.
Mamoni: that means I am named after her?
Anup: it’s late…it’s time to go to sleep…will discuss about it afterwards.

That night Mamoni (though she was just a kid) thought for a while and fell asleep after some time.

Next Day after school
Mamoni was waiting for her father…and saw that same lady approaching her

Lady: how are you little princess?
Mamoni: (At the glimpse of Mamoni excitedly) you know my father named me after you.
Lady: I know it little princess…( tears rolled down her eyes)
Mamoni: Why are you crying?
Lady: I just came to see you…today is the last time I would be seeing you…I am going far away.
Mamoni: did you give that nickname to my father?
Lady: (wiping of her tears) yes…but why are you asking this?
Mamoni: you may think I am only a child…but I am much smarter than what you think…I don’t know what’s wrong between Papa and you…but I know Papa loves you.
Lady: (a bit surprised…)No…your Papa loves only you.
Mamoni: I can prove it…for that you have to promise me you won’t go away.
Lady: (bit shocked by seeing this kid’s intelligence) how will you do it?
Mamoni: leave that to me…this weekend me and Papa are going to the amusement park be there at 10.
Lady: ok…(then she realized Anup might be coming and she hurriedly left Mamoni by giving her a kiss at her cheek)

hortly After Anup arrived
Anup: (holding his ears to Mamoni)  I am so sorry …had a meeting…and I was late.
Mamoni: (ignoring) that’s ok papa common let’s go home.

That weekend…
Anup was driving Mamoni to the amusement park…suddenly saw lady (Mamoni) waving hands in the middle of the road.
Anup: (bit shockingly with amazement) hi, how can I help you?
Lady: My car broke down…can you please give me a lift?
Mamoni: (Jumping off her seat) yes…Papa would be glad to give you a lift…
Lady: (bade thanks to Anup)… she sat on the back seat.
Mamoni: (to the lady) you know we are going to the Amusement park…will you go there…it would be fun.
Before Anup could utter anything…
Lady: I was going there only…heard they set up an amazing amusement game for all ages…
Mamoni: but why are you alone? Why isn’t anybody there with you? No problem…we will accompany you…what do you say papa?
Anup: nodded his head in approval…

At the amusement park

Mamoni was enjoying her carousel ride while Anup and the Lady sat on the bench nearby…Mamoni was over excited, as she raised her hand to wave towards Anup and the lady she fell…Both Anup and the lady rushed to the carousel…the lady grabbed Mamoni to her arms and asked whether she was alright…
Mamoni laughed merrily…and said “I am alright…you know when there is two people to look after me…nothing can happen to me…this is love isn’t it papa (indicating her fingers to Anup)…love only grows with  sharing.
Anup was dumbstruck to hear these words of his little Mamoni. Anup clutched Mamoni from lady’s hand
Anup: you know I love you and if anything happens to you I won’t be able to live.
Mamoni: Papa nothing can happen to me when you and Mamoni aunty are there for me.

After a while they saw a board…A special fun game was organized to celebrate woman’s day and only Mother with their children were allowed to enter.
Mamoni: Papa I want to go there…please please papa
Anup: we will go some other time beta…
Mamoni: (In tears)…Papa I want to go now…
Anup: (couldn’t see tears on her daughter’s eye) ok…but
Lady: I will go in as Mamoni’s mother…no problem…
Before Anup could speak anything…
Mamoni held Lady’s hand and off she went…happily.
Anup saw her princess chirping as she went along, weird thoughts entangled Anup… ‘Did he want this very thing occurring to his life a decade ago?’
‘Will Mamoni accept him and his little princess?’
‘Will he finally get what he dreamt once?’

Anup was gulped deep and didn’t realize how swiftly an hour went by; his day dreaming was finally arrested when both Mamoni had a hearty laugh seeing him clueless.

After an eventful day for little Mamoni and more so intriguing thoughtful day for Anup …finally they took their way back home after dropping (Elder) Mamoni to her home.
Slowly but surely meetings of Anup and (Elder) Mamoni frequented but Anup didn’t have the courage as he had denied her once (on the day of his birthday party)

Anup didn’t know whether he should approach (Elder) Mamoni and tell her or should he first approach her daughter first.
One fine evening Anup to his Daughter
Anup: Beta…Do you like Mamoni Aunty?
Mamoni: (though she was young but she could understand…you know children nowadays are much smarter than say 15 years back) why Papa?
Anup: Do you feel there’s something lacking in my love…do you think you need or I should say do we need someone in our life?
Mamoni: (with her little sweet perky voice) you know papa you are the best dad in this world. There’s absolutely nothing where you would be asked to improve but you know dad love never diminishes when shared…Love is something which always grows and when you get an opportunity to live your life with your loved ones, one shouldn’t step back. I love Mamoni Aunty a lot and I would love her to come to my life as my mother. Papa I want you and Mamoni aunty to be together…why don’t you marry?
Anup: (Almost in tears seeing her daughter’s wits) I love you beta…but I am wondering whether she would accept my proposal.
Mamoni: Papa…don’t worry, I know Mamoni aunty loves you a lot…I don’t like her calling aunty…I will call her Ma from now on.
Anup: Beta …!!!
Mamoni: what Papa? (She ran toward her bedroom)

The fairy tale story…continued with Anup Proposing (Elder) Mamoni, she accepted the offer gleefully. Their Wedding day was fixed for 5th August 2011

4th August 2011.
(On the way to home after dinner)

Mamoni: Papa finally your dream is coming out to be true
Anup:  you know how much I wished for this day all my life…I think god has finally said Ahem to all my dreams (suddenly Anup’s face turned torrid and nervously said) Beta please wear this jacket…it’s cold.
Mamoni: Papa we are inside a car…and I am not feeling cold…
Anup: (Perspiring…opened his jacket with one hand and handed over to Mamoni) wear it Mamoni…and tighten your seat belt.
Mamoni: (felt something unusual) what’s wrong?
Anup: (breathing heavily) God wanted only one Mamoni in my life?
Mamoni :( in shock) what happened papa?
Anup: (queasily) remember my words beta…Papa loves you.

Before Mamoni could utter any word…The car threaded into a tree with a loud thundering blow and everything went in silent after that.

5th August 2011.
(At the hospital)

(Elder) Mamoni was standing in front of the (younger) Mamoni’s bed post…the moment she opened her eyes (Elder) Mamoni grabbed her in her arms(with tears in eyes) and asked her what had happened yesterday night.
Mamoni narrated the entire incident and as she asked about Anup… (Elder) Mamoni collapsed into the bed saying…'he knew God wanted only one Mamoni in his Life’…(younger) Mamoni was now in tears and was constantly ranting about her Dad…but only got one response from the other End after much exhaustion.
From Now on I am your Mom and Dad both.

(Elder) Mamoni Adopted (Younger) Mamoni as her Daughter and never married again. (Younger) Mamoni in a quest of having a Mother lost her Dad. This Incident Changed Lives of Both Mamoni.

4th August 2012.
(An hour after praying for Anup’s soul to rest in peace)

(Elder)Mamoni: Papa used to tell about his life to you on his birthday… from now on I will tell you all those stories on this day…
(Younger) Mamoni: Ma…you and Papa were so perfect for each other but why (in Tears)?
(Elder) Mamoni: We were not there for each other when we should have 8 years ago (wiping off (Younger) Mamoni's tears) you have to be strong beta…and  to make you stronger today I will tell you one of our life incidents…
(Younger) Mamoni: Which incident?
(Elder)Mamoni: A story from the time when Anup and I were away from each other…do you know how we broke off from each other?

And (Elder) Mamoni’s Story Continued…!!!

My Intentions for narrating this story wasn’t only to let the readers know what happened to Anup or Mamoni but to let everybody realize there are some relations which are not bound by blood but then also their attachment are stronger than Any relations in this world…Relations which are bonded by soul. Very few people get the second chance in their life to get back to what they have lost in their lives. Don’t Waste a single moment to go back to one’s soul mate. Remember it’s never too late to start a new beginning.

What was the relation?

Anup’s relation with (Elder) Mamoni: yes he loved her but they never married.
Anup’s Relation with (Younger) Mamoni: Anup’s Adopted Daughter whom he loved more than his Life.
(Elder) Mamoni’s Relation to Anup’s Daughter: (younger) Mamoni was no way connected to (Elder) Mamoni except a name…and (Elder) Mamoni readily accepted (younger) Mamoni as her daughter after Anup’s Demise.
(Younger) Mamoni’s relation to Anup And (Elder) Mamoni: Soul Father And Mother

If we look around we are surrounded by our parents, siblings, offspring and other relatives such as cousins, uncles, Aunts, Nephews, nieces these are only a few relations to speak, there’s a long list if I go with all. These are the relations which are given to us by god… the day we are born, we are surrounded by them…do you think you have done justice with your relations? Do you think your love is comparable to that of the above story?

Do spare a moment to think about your relations; this post is basically my salutation to those who have adopted and are not related with blood but are connected by Soul …!!!

The Greatest and the Most Precious Relations are sometimes not linked by Blood…these are the relations which are unified by Soul

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