Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Delhi was lost!

The universe has a very unique way of maintaining an equilibrium, and we as small puppets in this vast expanse should at best avoid from disturbing this balance.

From one allegation after another, many BJP spokespeople, including our very great PM and another who's best only at laughing at anything on a very popular comedy show, rode the streets of Delhi to enlighten people on the ills of its ex-CM. Little did they realize that while doing so they forgot to enlighten themselves with a proper manifesto.

For all the mudslinging and defining others as Baazaaru, they won, but just the small fry; which, is worth mentioning, is peanuts and doesn't even qualify to stake claim as the leader of the opposition. More importantly, they lost, with such deafening thunder, that it shook the very pillars of 7 RCR. Once upon a time there was a wave, but it's the tsunami that has made the headlines.

Hence, proving once again, that you shouldn't do unto others what you wouldn't want others to do unto you.
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