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8 years have passed since he passed 12th.What went wrong between them? Was it only a one sided love? Was it a fate?

Anup was deep in his thought while going to the orphanage. Today he is going to adopt a child- a girl child.

On the following evening…

Anup took an infant girl of 2 year old to his home. After much exertion he decided to call her mamoni.

As mamoni came to his life, anup’s wounds were healing faster then ever before. He was no longer subdued in his memories. His days and night passed in love and care for her princess. Mamoni became the entire world for him.

Time passed by unnoticed….

3 years later in a television interview…

Interviewer: anup it seems god’s blessings is in your side, whatever steps you are taking in the corporate world it’s been a big hit. Whom do you give credit to?

Anup: I give credit to my child mamoni. Since she came to my life, my life has taken a u-turn.

Interviewer: she is your adopted child isn’t it? So don’t you want to get married?

Anup: marriage! Well I had promised somebody something. It’s all a long past. But yes I will keep that promise throughout my life.

Interviewer: promise? Tell me something about that.

Anup: leave all that. It’s of no use now. I don’t want to dig all those old memories. My child mamoni is everything for me and I cannot think of anybody except her so, no marriage for me.

Interviewer: what’s your next plan in this corporate market.

Anup: I have something in mind but it wont fetch anything if I tell it before hand. So just wait and watch.

Interviewer: hope you succeed with your project.

Interviewer: anup thank you for giving your precious time.

Anup: thank you.

3-4 days later in the mamoni’s school backyard.

Mamoni was waiting for her father to pick her up after school.

A lady approached her.

Lady: you are mamoni isn’t it?

Mamoni: yes I am.

Lady: where is your father? Didn’t he come to pick you up?

Mamoni: he would be coming shortly.

Lady: which class are you in?

Mamoni: I am in standard 1

Lady: you are a very good girl. Here is a gift for you.

Mamoni: what’s it.

Lady: a chocolate for this cute girl.

Mamoni takes the chocolate in her hand and sees his father anup standing a few meters from her. Mamoni ran to her father who picked her up in his arms and begged sorry for being late. Anup inquired who gave the chocolate to her. Mamoni moved her fingers towards the lady where she was standing still. Anup couldn’t even utter a word seeing the lady.

Lady: anup how are you?

Anup: can’t believe it’s you.

Lady: you kept all your words. You are the same as you were in those school days. You didn’t change even after so many years.

Anup: it’s all because of you.

Mamoni: you both were classmates? Papa we are getting late. I have to go to buy a gift for you. Tomorrow is your birthday.

Anup to the lady

Anup: nice to see you after so long. Anyways I have to go now.

Mamoni: papa she was your classmate why don’t you invite her to your birthday tomorrow. All your school friends will be coming there.

Anup: sorry beta!

Anup to the lady

Anup: if you want you can come to my birthday tomorrow. But no gifts ok. Anyways I have to leave.

Lady: bye anup.

Anup: bye.

Next evening….

It was looking as if it wasn’t a birthday but a school reunion. Many of anup’s friend have come to the party because it was the first time after class 12th that he was celebrating his birthday.

As the party was about to finish and people were about to leave, the lady who met anup and his daughter on the previous day came up.

Lady: happy birthday anup.

Anup: thanks. I am glad you came here.

Lady: sorry I am late actually there was some urgent work.

Anup: u came up and wished me that’s more then enough for me.

Friends were leaving wishing anup for that exquisite party.

Lady: anup do you remember those tumbin dialogues?

Anup: yes I do.

Lady: do you remember I asked you ‘can somebody fall in love for the 2nd time.’?

Lady: do you remember I told ‘you can be shekhar who was lucky enough to get back his love.’?

Anup: yes I remember all those but I think you may have forgotten what I told to you.

Lady: what?

Anup: I had told you ‘love happens only once.’ And for me there was only one mamoni and there will be only one mamoni and that mamoni is now my daughter.

Lady: I had thought something but it seems it won’t be possible now.

Anup: time doesn’t wait for anyone but still I have waited all those years. It’s too late. Now my daughter mamoni is my entire life.

Lady: are you willing to live your entire life like this.

Anup: I think you forgot the promise that I made to you ‘If I don’t marry you I wont marry my entire life and I would adopt a girl child who would become the reason for my existence.’

Lady: anup I am speechless.

Anup: I think you must not waste your life the way I did in my past. You must forget all those and find a better reason to live, so that you can live your rest of your life happily.

Mamoni came running.

Mamoni: papa everyone has gone now. Do you remember something that you promised?

Anup: yes I do remember beta...

Anup to the lady

Anup: it’s getting late your parents might be worrying for you. You must leave now.

Lady: oh ya I am getting late. Good night anup and wish you a very happy life ahead.

Anup: same to you.

The lady left …and mamoni chirped so it’s time for your story now.

Anup: where was I last time?

Mamoni: papa I know you remember each and every thing. You never forget what you promise. Every year on your birthday you tell me about you’re past life and last year you left at…

Anup: ok ok I am telling you…I passed class 10th and I came to this new place, all new faces surrounding me. The first thing that amazed me was people had started giving me nicknames even before knowing me properly…and the first nick name was spring and it was given by…

And the story continues….

True love never dies…it’s the love that anup had for mamoni that he waited 8 long years hoping she would come back but she never came. He had promised mamoni that he would never marry any other girl and would adopt a girl. He named the adopted girl mamoni (the name of the person whom anup loved). And this love for mamoni can also be visualized as when mamoni (lover) did came back he refused her because there was only one mamoni whom he loved throughout his life and this love is now his daughter.

True love indeed!!!!

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