Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love Never Dies...!!!

If I had only one day in my life...before I die...I would have spent it with you...even if I couldn't meet you...I would have spent the entire day...thinking about you...even if my thinking were sabotaged I would have spent my day feeling for you...
You know what you really needed from your life when you are living on with your last breath and not incidentally but being totally realistic you acknowledge the fact that the greatest thing you can learn in your life is to love and to be loved…Today I am here with a simple story of a man for whom life meant only a person, love meant only a soul and to be loved meant only an individual’s presence in his life…

It was a summer after noon…
Akshath: was asleep in front of his laptop…
A voice from behind came in…
Apekhsha: how many times did I tell you not to sleep…keeping your laptop open?
Akshath: Apekhsha…ah I didn’t realize when I fell asleep…so sorry…I was preparing for the meeting tomorrow…
Apekhsha: ah you’re meeting…so where are we going tonight?
Akshath: I totally forgot about it…I might be bit late can we postpone it to next week?
Apekhsha: this is the third week in a row you are asking about it…i know you are busy but you know you need to spend time for yourself…this stress is killing you.
Akshath: am so sorry…I promise I would get a break from my work next week…
That day…Akshath while driving back home after the meeting met with an accident…when he was taken to the hospital …only thing that came to his mind was…Apekhsha
He remembered how Apekhsha left her entire world for him…he cursed himself for not having time for her beloved for whom he meant the entire world…he kept on going busy about his work but she accepted it without a word…he worried about his business all the time but only person she cared was he…Akshath didn’t even think of his love all these days…but now when he was breathing his last…he blamed himself for what he couldn’t give to his loving beloved…
Akshath was taken to the hospital…and everything went on in a silent mode …before Apekhsha finally appeared before her…
Apekhsha my time is over…But before that inevitable happens...I must tell you few things...every day when I wake up, the first thing that I do is to think about you by looking at your life has changed since I last saw you...but I must admit every time I need to take any decision in my life...I think about you...and think what would you have done if you were in my my day to day life there's not a single accomplishment however minute it may be...that I didn’t want share with you...when at times am losing my way through...I only wished you be my side so that your presence makes me feel I can't loose...
I am feeling bit drowsy…dear but before I choke I must tell you…I would have done anything I can if I were given a single opportunity to undo whatever that has gone through ...and as you know you were, you are & you will be the only person in my life whom I love…I am repeating this again though it’s late for me now…
Akshath hugged Apekhsha with tears in his eyes…
Apekhsha: don’t cry it’s not the end but the beginning…!!!

Akshath died that day and he died way before he reached to the hospital…and it wasn’t him that was speaking to his love but his soul…expressing his love to the one whom he loved…
If you are wondering why and what was he speaking to Apekhsha…well let me tell you apeskha died 3 years back due to cancer.
Akshath did his best to save his love but he couldn’t do so…and for the past 3 years…Akshath in spite of losing his soul mate often found her beside him whenever he needed her.

People around him thought he became crazy after losing Apekhsha as he was often found talking to some imaginary person whom he created for himself. This imaginary person was none other than Apekhsha ….as Apekhsha quoted death is not the end…it’s the beginning.

This story isn’t an imaginary one…but a real story of a person who lived through the memories of his beloved. Though he only lived for 3 years after losing his beloved but those 3 years were inspirational to all those people who loved…
Those three years were the one where he knew what love is…and what love could lead him to…he never missed Apekhsha as he could find her whenever he needed her the most…though she was dead for the entire world…she was there with Akshath all the time.

You know death cannot be a barrier for those who love…love is immortal and it doesn’t end with one’s life…!!!
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Alas! It's too Late

This story is set during 1940s decade. Dharini was sitting in her courtyard day-dreaming. The courtyard was lit up with lights, the flowers were spreading its fragrance and the aroma of the freshly-made samosas was filling the courtyard with a pleasant evening smell. The house had been cleaned up and the people in the house were running around in urgency & shouting out instructions to each other.

“Dhariniiii, check if you need any last minute touch-up. They will be here any moment” shouted her mom from the kitchen. But Dharini was lost in her own thoughts and imagining as to how would the guy look? Will he be tall, fair, or have a good job or be romantic? She was too engrossed to pay heed to her mother’s remainders. Being a rich girl and educated in a convent school, Dharini was excited to meet the guy to check if he matched her expectations.

Finally, an hour later the guy and his parents arrived. Dharini’s mom ushered her into the room and ensconced her in front of the guy’s family. A nervous Dharini, with her pallu pulled over her eyes was smiling when her mother said that the guy belongs to a well-to-do family. She thought she now did not have to compromise on her standard of living after marriage. The guy’s parents demanded to see the girl’s face and when the veil was pulled off her head, Dharini was disappointed to see Bakul - a short and stout guy with dark complexion and thick dark circles that made him look like a panda. However, it was love at first sight for Bakul. Since the girls were not allowed to decide in those days, Dharini was married off to Bakul without knowing her wish.

Post-marriage, Bakul started gifting Dharini with a hand-made doll made with a rolled-up paper every day. Though it seemed strange, Dharini remained silent but never bothered to give the doll a careful look. She just tossed them into her cupboard without even noticing it. Though Bakul was very loving and good guy by heart, Dharini could not come over the fact that she being a beautiful girl, she was married off to an ugly, uneducated, school dropout village brut who could not even manage to speak English. As the days passed, she realized that Bakul’s mother had the final say in the house and no one dared to disrespect her decisions. Bakul was so enchanted by his love for his mother that he did not realize that Dharini was going farther and farther from him. She felt that his mother dominated him because of which he could not come up in life or take his own decisions. He was totally crippled without his mother when it came to decision-making. He was so busy running errands for his mother that it left no time for the couple to spend time together and get to know each other. One day, when things got out of control, Dharini tried to explain to Bakul that his mother’s constant interference was causing discomfort in the house and she could no longer take and to add fuel to the fire Bakul was a BIG ZERO in the romance department.

Bakul continued to shower the same kind of love to his mother but started giving Dharini her share of attention and things started warming-up between them. They had just started falling in love with each other when Bakul passed away because of a snake-bite. Dharini’s life became empty now. After spending two months like a crazy person, she took out the dolls. Those were the only gifts he left for her since the day they got together. She started counting the dolls. She then slowly started unwrapping the paper dolls and found that there was a letter on each paper/doll. The letters said how happy Bakul was to have Dharini as his wife and how he understood that she was feeling uncomfortable that she was sidelined in terms of attention. Some of the letters had questions to be answered. Dharini now understood as to why Bakul sometimes looked lost in front of her. He expected the answers from her but…

When she unwrapped the last doll, she was surprised to see I LOVE YOU in bold letters on top of the letter. This letter had some surprises in store for Dharini:

  • He was trying to learn English secretly so that Dharini didn’t feel ashamed to hang-out with him in public
  • He had made efforts to be romantic and learned to say I LOVE U from his friend but never had the courage to say it with Dharini’s cold reactions towards him
  • In the letter he said sorry for being totally dependant on his mother and not giving her enough attention even though he understood what Dharini was going through
  • In the end, he mentioned that he had bought a house for them without telling his mom and Dharini did not have to tolerate her mum-in-law’s constant interference and finding faults. He said it was A GIFT TO HIS WIFE. Now they could live happily in that house and start their own family

Fainted! Dharini collapsed on the floor. Finally her husband’s death had taken a toll on her and the fact that she read those letters but it was too late.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Relationship Endings!!!

Its valentines week and I do not have nothing much to do :) So I am going to write about Relationship Endings!
I have a very good friend who was in a relationship when we were in our graduation. Both of them were visibly interested in each other. Friends played cupid and the love blossomed. Everything was hunky dory for sometime. I don't exactly remember how long the relation worked but say couple of months atleast. Then it happened the guy felt that she is being too possessive. Symptoms being she couldn't stand him talking to any other girl in college. She even suspected her best friends intentions. My friend seem stuck and helpless in that non functional relationship. Her suicidal threats were more than enough motivation for us friends to finally help him with getting out of that relationship. We helped the guy get out of it with a lot of drama involved but no one hurt in the process except for the girl's heart I guess. But anyways she found a sweetheart within couple of months from our class itself !

Now this friend got into a second relation after sometime. This relation went on for quite a long time almost 2 years. I was not a cupid in this relationship so I hardly knew the girl. Both seemed serious about the relationship. Everything seemed nice, but they eventually broke up and the break up was messy! I didnt personally witness any but what I have gathered it was very hard for the girl. She couldn't come to terms with it for a long time and she tried to hurt herself just for this relationship. Anyways I recently came to know this girl better and I realised that she is a gem of a person. An actual sweetheart the ones you would proudly take home to your parents! 

So I asked my friend, who is single right now, Why his relationship ended with such a nice girl? 
His answer was "Yes I know that she is a wonderful person, I am still to meet someone so dedicated to only one person, I have met a lot of girls but not like her, but I was bored!!!"

That answer rattled me, but I guess that's a fact.... People get bored and they lose interest and they don't see any value in holding on to that relationship. That's when they call it quits! 

Still I can't seem to understand 
How can they forget the time that has been shared? 
How can one person become so selfish so soon?
Is everyone capable of ending relationships so fast?  

Something to ponder over 
Should there be a notice period in personal relationships too? 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

We were meant to be together

We were meant to be together
I feel if I would have given a little more fight, Life would have been so different!
for all those night when I cried,
for all the wrong people we met in life,
for all those moments which we missed, which could have been a treasure.
Its not that I didnt love you at all,
My fear consumed me,
My ego wouldn't let me go,
Go get hurt in the gamble of love!
I dunno if I would ever find someone so lovely as you.
A dear friend
A real friend,
who would love me so true.
May be this is what the cowards deserve,
To live their life in despair!
To fight and win what you want in life,
Is for the brave who is not scared.
How I wish if things were like we dreamt, We would have been a lovely pair!
Everytime I look at you my heart yells in pain, We were meant to be together !!!
We were meant to be together !!!
We were meant to be together !!!
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