Friday, October 29, 2010

thank u mom

I need you by my side
Night and day
In times of problems and worries
you always found a way
whenever I was low
and didn’t know what to do
you comforted me and brought
a smile on my face too
more than a mother
you are always a friend
strict and linient when needed
just a perfect blend
ma was my first word
and will probably be my last
I really do love you
Even though I hurt you in the past
For all that you have done
How can I ever repay
Thank you so much mumma
Is all I can say

Dear lord, help me become everything I am not,
Help me remember everyone I forgot,
Bless the people I don’t pray for, the people I hate,
Bless the people who are destined in my life, who are in my fate,
Help me become a better person the best I can be,
Help me not be blinded by lies, help me see,
In times of trouble in times of pain,
Give me courage to get up and get going again,
Even if my success goes from big to small,
Give me the strength lord, to face it all,
Bless my parents without whom I wouldn’t even be,
Bless my lover and friends who always keep me happy,
I’m learning lord not to ask much for myself,
Cause I realize the joy of praying for someone else.

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