Thursday, June 28, 2012

The child on that street - A Poem

The Child on that Street.

In my own rhythm and my own beat,
I walked through that afternoon heat,
having had no pity for the ones I cheat ,
was only disillusioned by the sore on my feet........
until- I saw the Child on that street.

I had myriad of complains like a fleet,
was ready to attack and never retreat,
using fire of anger to kill my enemy neat,
and hated love and people to greet..............
until- I saw the Child on that street.

I had sufficient money and enough meat,
but still cried to make parallel ends meet,
had ample of clothing and protection from sleet,
but thought I had so many deficiencies to treat...........
until- I saw the Child on that street.

I had wonderful home like heaven on a seat,
had parents wonderful and oh so sweet,
but I was blind, oh I was indiscreet,
I used to nag,used to bleat............
until-I saw the Child on that street.

With unreachable ambitions and skin with pleat,
he was playing with a torn kite as if a feat,
with happy sounds and whisltle to tweet,
unconsious of the afternoon beg and feed,
unaware of the famine of dearth and deed...........
found he was suffering from a disease no one can treat,

 He was the child on that street,a child of God indeed.....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Love yourself and be lovable

"Mama...." the early morning yell of my sister broke my sleep. Hearing her daughter cry my mother came running. I too sat up wondering what was wrong. "What’s the matter, what happened", my mother asked in a terrified state. "Look how fat I've become." "Heaven help me, the way you screamt I felt as if catastrophe had struck". "Is this any less", my sister retorted, "see my love handles", my sister held them to show how much they had grown. "No matter how less I eat, more I exercise, no matter what, there's no change. All my clothes are becoming tight, how will I go around with my friends who are so slim and primp. How will people like me, who will want to be my boyfriend?"

The early morning distress call of my sister did 2 good things - got me off bed and made me think. Now since I’m also writing this article I’ll make it 3 good things :). Believe it or not but we give too much importance to what people think of and perceive us. I'm not saying it’s not important but in general too much of anything is too bad.

Learn to love yourself first. Because it's only when you love yourself you can be yourself and lovable. If you are unable to accept yourself no matter how much you may try to hide it it will show. This will not only affect your self-esteem but also your outlook.

While we give too much importance to ourselves - who in most cases are able-bodied; we fail to see the plight of others. Disabled people are at a far worse situation but inspite of the hardship's they fully accept themselves and move on. Infact they go all out and give life a fight and show that no matter the situation they aren't going to be bogged down. They not only come out of the so called rut they are in but also reach out to others and become an inspiration for all. Unfortunately, what they do not have and are given atleast in India is dignity.

When you love yourself you automatically create a vibrant atmosphere around you which attracts people. You become a source of all wonderful things. You learn to live life freely and have fun. More importantly you become a lot more confident and at peace with yourself. So no matter what the odds don’t stop being yourself because you wouldn't be you without you. Love yourself today, tomorrow and everyday for the rest of your life and you will be lovely and lovable.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

An open letter to the CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop

I am writing this letter in light of an article which I read here 
I was not very shocked to learn that the company is at the risk of going out of business within next two years by the current trend of things. I don’t blame the analysts who are predicting Nokia’s doom as that seems to be the popular market sentiment. Most of these so called analysts follow the herd mentality and just try to fit in their assessment in line with big guys in business. So Stephen if I were your lead strategist then I would say that the problems you are facing is :
Sales are down:
Nokia is not selling enough phones (btw I could have used a lot of jargon from my business strategy lectures but lets just spare those for some time shall we!)
So what went wrong that suddenly the best phone maker in the world can’t seem to find the right combination? Iphone happened, IOS happened and then Android happened. Apple changed the game by bringing in computer like comparison to phones. So now people care about specs and OS.

So my whole argument is that Nokia is at this position today because Nokia was in love with its operating system and/or are too arrogant to accept that it’s not the popular one in the market. All companies had their own OS but companies those who are doing well in the market are those who adapted to the change. Why is Samsung successful? It’s because they are selling android phones which can do a lot of things. I am sure nokia can still get in the race by just doing one thing. They need to release android phones. Just think of a Lumia with Android or all those N series phones with Android! That’s the winner combination. If you could have launched the NFC thingy with Android you would have had a killer phone. Iphone had an inherent deficiency built into their phones …. They are damn costly, and I am not kidding when I say that there are a lot of people who want those features at lesser cost and they would love to flaunt a Nokia instead of any other!
All this cost cutting and austerity measure and shutting shops is not going to get you anywhere. Efficient plumbing is not an answer to drought situation!!! You need to make it rain. Improve your Top Line.
I am sure this seems as a defensive strategy but I am very sure that this would keep the cash register ringing so that you can try out those game changing experiments.
Just in case you want some more details you can find me here!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

One Day...!!!

Every day is important and what we do in each day of our life culminates and then determines what we come out to be…life is not only about living in short and sweet moments…today if we are happy tomorrow we may have to face trouble…and whatever happens with our life and whosoever we may become it all depends on the cumulative efforts of day in and day out. It’s not that, today I aspire to be a scientist tomorrow I will be one…to achieve one’s goal one has to devote his time in pursuit of his\her aspirations… But there are things which depends on just a day of your life which changes the course of your life. Today I am here with another story which is focused to One day of the year of one’s life which changed it all…

Most of my stories are love centric braced with tragedies which people hate to see if it happens to one’s life, this certainly isn’t any exception but yes this story is common amongst us and you can almost relate it with your own life…
21st June :
21st June is the longest day of the year and shortest night in India…moreover this day is celebrated as the WORLD MUSIC DAY…and if you are alive no matter who you are you would certainly love music. Another important event associated with this day is that this day we celebrate as the WORLD HUMANIST DAY…and spread Humanism across the world…I have given you a little brief about the day now I would like to draw everyone to the main plot…
The story goes back to 8years ago…
21st June 2004.
Monday: Not everyone loves Monday more importantly it’s rather distasteful to those who are school going as it signifies the first day of a long awaiting week…but this was the day when Anubhav started appreciating Music…this was the first time his feet’s tapped to music to be literal about it…for a total geek to love and appreciate music is totally strange…this was a clear indication that there was something unusual in his heart…this was the day when he saw Anushka for the first time…love at first sight? Who knows…but this day certainly induced the seeds of transforming him and changed the way he was about to live his life ahead.

21st June 2005
Tuesday: Anushka and Anubhav were good friends now…it was long hot summer day…certainly the longest day…as they were swallowing famous Indian snack ‘Pani Puri’ one by one…and then counting them as the other swallows one…after nearly 2 dozen Pani Puri they finally stop and then started whispering something to each other…probably discussing who won the contest…then they walked together chatting with each other…it was around 9 in the evening when they finished their classes and were walking together towards Anushka’s Home…cupid has fallen on Anubhav but he was shy enough not to tell what he was feeling for Anushka…finally they reached the point where Anubhav wished goodnight to Anushka and he came back. Time came in and went by unnoticed as their friendship grew. Certainly the best days for Anubhav as these were the moments where he really lived. On other hand Love was certainly growing within but something in him was thwarting for speaking it to Anushka…probably Anushka was unaware of Anubhav’s feelings or he was worried what would she feel if he proposes her…

21st June 2006
Wednesday: Their school life were over and Anubhav had already proposed to Anushka as he knew with the end of school he couldn’t see her and only the feeling of not seeing her made him grew restless so he had told Anushka about his feelings…Anushka on the other hand left on time and fate to decide whether their journey ahead would be together or different. Anubhav grew anxious as he came to know he would be leaving the city shortly for his higher studies…he called Anushka and asked her to meet. Anushka did came and met him but Anubhav didn’t know this was the last time he was seeing her…he kept on looking Anushka without speaking a word to her…when Anushka said she wants to go …it was only the tears that supported him…he came back with tears…and he never knew this was his fate in the years to come.

21st June 2007
Thursday: A year has passed since Anubhav had seen Anushka…but they were in contact with each other all throughout. It seemed for a moment long distance didn’t dent their relation…certainly not for Anubhav as with every passing day…his love would grew for Anushka and he would often tell her what he feels for her…but destiny had something else to offer as Anushka called him up and said I hate you and I will hate you all my life…and then kept her phone…Anubhav was traumatized by her words…he couldn’t understand happened…and then when he knew the reason it was too late for him…as she had gone far away from him…he could only blame himself as it was nothing more than a misunderstanding that made her go away from him…and could only cry for what had happened to him.

21st June 2008
Saturday: after a year of having no trace of Anushka…finally he came to know about her this day…Anushka was going to be a doctor and she was about to join a medical college…Anubhav was very happy for her…he said to himself if it’s time that would decide for their journey…he is ready to wait for it…Anubhav gathered more information of her whereabouts. So that when he does meet Anushka…he doesn’t sound her to be an alien.

21st June 2009
Sunday: A message popped up in his inbox as he was relaxing in his room. It was Anushka’s it read Please call. Anubhav didn’t believe that Anushka had sent him a message. After thinking of what he would speak for nearly half an hour he finally called her up…but to his distress Anushka told him to forget her.
She criticized and blamed Anubhav for everything he did as well for what he didn’t do. Anubhav had thought of many things that he would speak to her…but the way Anushka spoke to him he couldn’t speak anything more than ‘I Love You’ before finally disconnecting the cell with tears in his eyes…his condition was deplorable and only sympathy he got was from the tears as these were only the ones who would accompany him when he was alone.

21st June 2010
Monday: Anubhav had returned to home after completing his studies. But nothing seemed right to him…he didn’t like the place where he was leaving as all the memories that he had for this place relates with Anushka…who was no more in his life. Anubhav thought of giving one more try to see and speak to Anushka. He tried calling to the number which once belonged to Anushka but of no use as it said this number doesn’t exist then he decide to go and meet her…he went to the place where Anushka was staying…but to his demise he came to know Anushka had left the place a year ago. He was heartbroken again as with all his efforts to see her once went in vain.

21st June 2011
Tuesday: Anubhav now was working from being a teenager to a college student he had joined a profession and was now a professional person…but one thing that didn’t change in him for all these days were the feelings he had for Anushka. He had already stopped contacting any of Anushka’s friends as Anushka didn’t want anything about her to be known to him…and only thing that comes to Anubhav’s mind when he spoke to her friends was she…so the only thing left for him was to live in solitude…Only friend that was common was the tears.

21st June 2012
Thursday: 8 years have passed since he first saw Anushka…he was thinking what has changed in all these years…to his amazement everything has changed he himself has changed…from an open book who loved to speak he had become a person who lived within himself…who would hardly speak about his feelings to anybody…only thing that didn’t change in him was the love he had for Anushka…Anubhav started thinking of Anushka…before finally closing his eyes…
after few minutes doctors came into the scene and declared Anubhav as dead.

There has to be a day which decides your fate…which decides what we finally come out to be and this day would certainly change the way you live your life.
For Anubhav it was 21st June that changed everything for him… as for Anubhav, life before 21st June 2004 was totally different…then what finally happened to him on 21st June 2012.

Humanity is not only about spreading Humanism to the world it’s about spreading love to all those who hates you in return…it’s about caring others who has only agony for you…it’s about spreading happiness to others even if you have to live in extreme Sorrow...!!!

Live each day of your life as your last day…you never know when your life would come and go if you don’t care enough to live the moment when life comes to you…!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Mumbai shehar

Naa jaane ye shehar khud mein kya baat rakhta hai,

Har koi isme duniya basane ka hunar rakhta hai.
Kehte hai ye shehar kabhi sota nahi,
Lekin sirf kuch paane ki chahat mein,
Palkhe jhukti nahi,
Neend aati nahi,
Jaan bhi jaat hi nahi,
Bas isi daud mein Mumbai soti nahi.

Naa jaane ye shehar khud mein kya baat rakhta hai

Jaha koi ghar ka sapna sajaata hai,
Toh koi rail ka mazaa paata hai
Koi pav bhaaji chahta hai,
Toh koi BMW mein ghumna chahta hai.
Koi bangle mein thandi neend sota hai,
Toh koi khuli hawa mein hi so jaata hai.
Koi raaj gaddi ki shaan paata hai,
Toh koi film ka taara ban jaata hai.

Naa jaane ye shehar khud mein kya baat rakhta hai............
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