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14th January 1996

Vaiju…Vaiju… where have u vanished!!! VAIJU……………

Sanjeevani was just so excited. She held the big round pillar of Vinayagar Temple with her left arm and swirled around it in joy. The Temple was quiet and there was an afternoon lull over the place. Birds twittered happily and the large Banyan tree shaded the entire corridor making it peaceful and calm.

Sanjeevani, or Sanju, as she was fondly called by all, was a simple and Chirpy girl, who took life as it came and had a very positive outlook towards it. She too had dreams of making it Big…of studying abroad, achieving new heights and proving herself to the world, but in no way was she ready to compromise on small joys surrounding her....maybe that’s why she filled colors in everyone’s life!

However, today was really a special day for her. She read and re-read the small chit of paper that announced her welcome in the world of scholars. She was selected to pursue a PhD in Robotics in Cambridge and she wanted to share this news with Vijayan first.
What could have been a better meeting place than their very own Lord Vinayagar’s Temple yard, where Vaiju and Sanju had spent many afternoons and evenings …. Just chatting, laughing on joys and crying on sorrows together.

Vijayan was her childhood love. He was a support system for Sanju. One look of Sanju’s face was enough for Vijayan to understand her mind and heart. It was he who encouraged her to try for higher studies in Cambridge and today was a big day for him too… He had stealthily checked Sanju’s study table drawer on the day of results. He could not suppress his joy as he saw the print out of Acceptance Mail.

And now, he already knew why Sanju had called him up to temple, promising some great news!! He tiptoed to the temple backyard and waited patiently as Sanju, bubbling with enthusiasm, ran around the temple calling his name and rejoicing to herself. His Sweet Sanju… he just wanted to tease her before actually surprising her with a bear hug and showering congratulations.

Then in a flash he saw them. They all looked like vagabonds with big burly frames and dirty looks. Vijayan was dazed for a few moments. He could not think of anything. His eyes were just horrified to see three guys moving towards Sanju who was now looking at them with suspicious eyes and slowly taking backward steps. Suddenly one guy pounced ahead and covered her mouth with his big dirty palm. Vijayan quickly moved forth but something hit on his head very hard. He wanted to scream aloud but…. His mind drifted into darkness and all he could see hazily from his closing eyes was his Sanju with her large black eyes looking at him frantically….. And then there was darkness all around.



Vaiju slowly opened his eyes and looked around. His brain took time to register his surroundings. He was completely drained and confused. As he tried to twitch his fingers, he realized that he was tied with something… then suddenly, as if with a flash Sanju’s frantic eyes appeared before his eyes. All his thoughts flooding in… Vijayan sat upright in his hospital cabin room. So angered was he that he started to pull out his drip and a conglomerate of wires from his body. He was in a hurry, his Sanju needed him and he had to get them, those cruel wild dogs who took away his love, his life. He had to avenge her….. he started to move to the door but was stopped mid way by a nurse who had come in after hearing noises.

Doctor, Doctor Anand, Please come here… the Nurse called out.

She appeared to be overtly elated and curious. She led Vijayan to his bed making him sit there and just looked at him in awe as if he was a man from another planet. Then, as if remembering something, she requested him to sleep while she could check his Blood pressure etc. Vijayan wanted to run out but he felt a little drained out and there was something special in this Nurse’s excitement which held him back from doing so. He waited patiently.

A Tall and fair guy, about 30 years of age came in. The Nurse rushed to him with her latest reports and readings. He introduced himself as Dr Anand. Vijayan smiled weakly at him thinking of asking for a quick discharge so that he can get back to his task….his Sanju needed him.

After studying reports, Dr Anand rushed out as if in some huge hurry which again Vijayan could not fathom. He was too engaged in his own thoughts…of getting out from hospital, of meeting his and Sanju’s parents, telling them what exactly happened at the Temple though they might be knowing what tragedy had happened by now. How He wished Sanju was alright and safely at home!!

Then he heard a lot of noises outside, as if a big crowd was approaching. An elderly couple barged in through the doors and hugged Vijayan.

Vaiju…vaiju…the Lady started crying uncontrollably. Wait a minute! Did Vijayan recognize this Voice? Of Course, it was his mother. Then he looked at the elderly gentleman standing stunned nearby….Dad??

Vijayan’s mouth was agape. What has happened, where is he…in which era? Why are his parents looking so old? Who are these people rushing in now? This kid, about 10 years of age….looking fondly at him… Who is he? His head began to swim. Then a middle aged lady came in. she looked at Vijayan with great fondness and Loving emotions. Her eyes were moist and she looked stunned too!! Her eyes…big beautiful eyes…oh God!!! Sanju !!

Once again Vijayan felt darkness closing upon him….he wanted to speak but his mind drifted away….in infinity….


Vijayan was sitting upright on his bed. He was still dazed to hear what had happened to him. This was 13 years after that fateful incident when Sanjeevani was kidnapped by a gang for ransom and Vijayan was badly hit on head because of which he drifted into a long coma. Later, Sanjeevani was rescued by police but Vijayan could not be cured. Doctors had given up all their hopes. They never believed he could live for long, but he did. And this revival from coma was a miracle in itself, as if some earthly force had pulled back Vijayan here after a long battle with death.

Meanwhile, Life went on for everyone, Sanju went ahead to pursue her studies, married a fellow research scientist in Cambridge and some years later Rahul was born.

Life had changed for all except for Him. He was still there, trying to rush to save his Sanju, but now there was no one to be saved. He had the same passion and love for Sanju as he nurtured 13 years ago but she seemed to have settled in a different life with just care and fond memories left for him. Yes , she was happy that Vaiju had come back, but somehow things were not same anymore. Vaiju suddenly lost his purpose for life…he just stared out of the window. Slowly, Rahul came near him and said…”Vaiju Uncle…can we go out and play? I want to hear all childhood stories of you and mamma… “. A smile lighted up Vaiju’s face as he accompanied Rahul outside.


  1. Wow...what an unexpected ending..! Just Loved it!

  2. nice...story Radhika...keep doing...& I would love to read if u further Wrote further....

  3. Truly lovely and very heartfelt....would love to read more from you.

  4. Hey All...Thanks for the feedback! :)

  5. Hey.. thats a nice one... very good storyline and nicely written... keep it up..

  6. mind-blowing, magnificent art of writing...
    would want to meet this writer..


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