Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Sexy and Hot Beach Gal

I saw her on the beach,
while walking towards the sea.
She was in a dark black dress
and in a jeans bought at Lee.

Her kinky hair was all wet
as breeze played songs for them.
The sun seemed glowing only for her
and her face brighter than gem.

She was looking down below
endlessly at grains of sand.
It was the moment that I saw her,
coiffing her hair with her hand.

Her lively eyes were lined black
and she had a gentle blush on her face.
My heart turned poetic,
overwhelmed by her grace.

She had her own little ways
to define the word ‘feminine’.
It was her honey dipped beauty
that looked so divine.

I wondered what she was thinking
and what was going in her mind.
I wanted to talk to her but thought,
‘what reasons I could find’ ?

Her friends were playing cricket
but she seemed least interested in that.
I thought to try my luck and kicked a football
that landed right on her hat.

The trick was to start a conversation
while asking for the ball.
But with the look in her eyes it seemed "Beaten by beauty at beach"
would be the status on my FB wall

Slowly and steadily I moved towards her
with an apologetic face.
A miracle was the only thing,
that could save me in this case.

Just than I heard the kicking
sound of the ball.
As I moved my face up
it hit firmly on the right side of my GAAL.

She was staring in my eyes,
with hands firmly on her waist.
I stared back but than smiled,
to affirm, what she did was the best.

Suddenly her magnetic smile took over the stare
And I was glued to it as I had nothing else to care

Her friends called her as it was time to leave,
worst thing at this moment that
I could have perceived.

With a faint smile I waved her good bye
But in response she flew a paper plane,
which had something written on its DAAYE

It had a msg saying
"8 P.M. CCD , Powai"....:)

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