Thursday, June 25, 2009

The 'N' Factor

As smart as the oracle
But still stings like a bee
That’s a perfect intro
To my friend NSP.

Ive known her past 3 years
But still I don’t know her much
She’s sometimes part of my greatest fears
Sometimes a lovely person such.

Her intelligence baffles one and all
From 1 plus 1 she can get 3
Its amazing how she does it all
That too being as busy as a bee.

She has friends not too many
Probably just one or two
But I guess those friends are special
And she’s stuck to them like glue.

No other dare speak to her
Being friendly is not her cup of tea
Ask her a simple question
She replies “How does that concern thee”.

No number of hi’s would do
No number of sms’ would
I’m still deciphering the riddle
Of doing what I should.

Change is not her cup of tea
Its pointless telling her that
The world may change many times
Bit for NSP its just stat.

There are a few things about her though
That totally blows me away
It’s her amazing style of dressing
And her gentle sway.

But there’s one thing I’ve come to know
Behind this stern person there’s someone else
Someone that’s loving, someone that’s caring
Someone that puts the other before herself.

I wish I could tell her all this in person
But its better this way I guess
Because whenever I meet her in person
All my topics land up in a mess.

But I wish she would stay like this forever
She’s somehow got along just fine
In life she may succeed in every way
And taste the sweetest wine.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting the wrong impression across

Probably the worst thing that can ever happen in boy-girl friendship is that one gets the impression that the other is after the other. I don’t know what kind of a difference that would make to the boy, but probably to the girl it kind of means helluva problem.

I seriously in all my years haven’t been able to decipher this puzzle. The guy probably makes an effort to see that his friend is made felt special. But probably these acts are interpreted as the guy is after me. So the girl something that she seems right to do. Nip the problem in the bud. After all prevention is better than cure.

In such a case whether the guy is to be blamed or the girl is still unclear. Both seem to have valid reasons for actions taken. But at the end I don’t know who is the one to suffer and to what extent. But from experiences(not necessarily mine) its heart breaking.

The only thing that I wish to send across is that in this word everyone wants to be made felt special. Every individual wants to be made felt important, necessary and needed. There are very few people who go out of their way to make the other feel this way, even though they may not have anyone to make them feel this way. But due to some reasons, sometimes this so called effort is misinterpreted and the whole feeling just disappears away. Probably the timing may be wrong, things may be moving too fast or may be even people don’t want the wrong signals being sent out. Whatever it may be, its just tears at the end. But that doesn’t mean such people should lose hope. Such efforts in due time shall definitely be appreciated.

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