Monday, March 13, 2006


“I’m nobody. At least that’s what I think about myself. Taking into account the countless population of this planet I guess that is an apt definition. I’m not a wanderer, nomad or any some philosopher who will give you his take on life. No I’m also not a piano player roaming on any beach. All I can say is what brings me back to what I am. I’m nobody. The only thing that is making me type this is that I have no one around me to share my thoughts. All I can say is that I am sad & lonely & undecided. I have lost or rather say given-up. In my case I guess both will mean the same. I’m at a juncture where I haven’t achieved anything & the ways to achieve them have all ceased. If I think that should I do what I’m here to do then I picture myself as a wounded soldier who is fighting a lone battle. No supplies, no way out. Should I draw the line? Should I give up? This is like throwing a stone in infinite darkness. You actually don’t know what will it hit. I don’t know who will answer this question & what will the answer be. All I can do is ask”---Neal.

This is not the beginning to a once-upon-a-time kinda story. But infact it’s a true story. It’s a story which has no ending. Everyday there is a new page added. This story is being lived by someone I know & also don’t know equally well.

The protagonist is Neal. This is not his real name but that’s what he like being called. He is a person who has always dared to see life through rose-eye coloured glasses. He has a diehard attitude. Atleast that was what I believed. But you know life plays funny games with people. Suddenly this guy full of excitement, innocence & talent changed. He became someone he wasn’t, someone he didn’t want to. Within a span of 1 hour, everything changed. The things that followed were better to put it as worse. It has been 6 yrs since but till now that poor chap hasn’t figured out the remedy. God! Somebody help him.

He isn’t the popular guy in college. Neither he is the guy that girls hang around. I should say that he doesn’t even know who are his true friends. He has siblings who are very close to him. But after all these years there are something’s which he can’t share with them also. To be honest, he is a closed book which no one has access to.

It’s therefore my endeavor to slowly open this book. Get a peek into his world. Find out what is holding him back. When will be his glorious comeback? Hoping that I find the answers to this question. I want to see Neal back.

Hoping you'll pitch in with the answers & keep returning. The story has just started.

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