Thursday, May 02, 2013

Book Review: Business Sutra - Devdutt Pattanaik

I long to be an entrepreneur and hence when BlogAdda presented with this opportunity I took it with both hands. After constant rescheduling the delivery I finally got my hands on it. I must say, its least than what I expected. 

In the world of Kamasutra and Aam Sutra, Business Sutra leaves no stone unturned in simply following suit. A voluminous 460 odd pages filled with illustrations on every second page you have to be ready to take on this one. But if you're there for the taking then this book won't disappoint. If you're bored there are illustrations, if you're into business and ideologies theres lots of it and if you're hard for time there are little grey boxes which cut the details and give you the gist. 

The book is divided into 3 sections - Introduction, which is more kind of a launchpad to understanding the book and the author's life and the need for something like this. 'Goal To Gaze', where Western, Chinese and Indian beliefs are mixed and matched and tried to make sense of and lastly Business Sutra, the mantra for success where the author challenges the reader to achieve the impossible.

The downside of this book is that it kind of gets too much to take in atleast in the initial two sections. Also, me having very less idea about Indian mythology (I'm not into that too) it becomes difficult for me to relate to the traits, strengths and weaknesses of Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Brahma, Indra, Ganesha and other gods in the Indian pantheon. The last section is the only place where I felt "Ok, here we go."

What I liked about the language was that it was simple and crisp. Also the understanding by the writer that we Indians are a specie apart. We love our chaos and do not believe there exists only one way to success. Also we are more comfortable when business and wealth generation can be carried out in a family relationship manner with everyone involved becoming elder brothers and sister-in-laws rather than in a very professional dealing.

For the Indian mythology fanatics and those into management or soon to be this book is THE book for you. You will definitely learn a thing or two.

About The Author:
Devdutt Pattanaik has written over twenty-five books and 400 articles on Indian mythology for everyone from adults to children. Since 2007, he has been explaining the relationship between mythology and management through his column in the Economic Times; the talk he gave at the TED India conference in 2009; and the show Business Sutra which ran successfully on CNBC-TV18 in 2010, besides numerous other lectures at Indian universities and management institutes.

Trained to be a doctor, he spent fifteen years in the healthcare (Apollo Health Street) and pharmaceutical (Sanofi Aventis) industries and worked briefly with Ernst & Young as a business adviser before he turned his passion into a vocation and joined the think tank of the Future Group as its Chief Belief Officer.

Publisher : Aleph Book Company
Genre : Non-Fiction
ISBN : 987-81-923280-7-2

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