Saturday, July 28, 2012

' I ’ stands for Individual as well as Integrity

We belong to a patriarchal society. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to any race or heir from any of the country in this world…we all belongs to a society which is preliminary recognized as a patriarch. I am not willing to enforce any issue relating the theory I have stated but will surely provide enough lineages to its Succinctness.
For instance I am adducing a very common norm of the society…when two person get into an alliance after marrying, whose surname does the girl takes? Doesn’t she take the surname of her spouse? Have you ever heard of the situation where the reverse happens…yes exceptions are there but I am talking of the generic customs of the society...I hope i have elucidated my first statement but my intentions are not to validate my view…but citing many other fatal circumstances which arise from a single individual…and sorting ways of eradicating it.
Coming back to marriages a trend that has evolved recently in India is that a girl retains her initial surname and thus has two surnames to go with…one is of her spouse and the other of her parents…This is indeed a step to equality among the genders but with this comes much more enigmas. What would be the child’s surname if the girl has two surnames? Will the child inherit her father or mother’s surname? Inter caste marriages have a similar dilemma… which religion does the child follow? Will he/she follow one of their parents religion or both? If the child opts for both the religions…then what will be the future of his/her offspring? Will they follow the same preaching?
It does tell that we have become broad with our thinking and we have gone above gender, caste or even communalism and treat each person as equal irrespective of his/her class. But this cannot go on for unlimited time and there’s no way out if we don’t go for a common preaching.

When a person visits any Latin American or African’s our general convention that we look for people who belong to our native country as a companion…if we don’t find any we find any person who is from south Asia...well this is just an example to show how people behave when his surroundings change...we broaden ourselves when we are in unfamiliar territory…but why are we fighting among fellow Indians over petty things when we are in our own motherland?
If I am not wrong…no religion teaches violence though all of them preach brotherhood, peace and solidarity so why are we not following the preachings of our religion if we are really religious?
Casteism was created in an era when a group of people where divided according to their work field. But in today’s scenario no such obligations or rule states that one has to follow their ancestors for their future career. So in real sense casteism doesn’t exist at all…so why are we rigid over an outdated community which doesn’t exist anymore?
According to the republic of India every Indian has the right to live in any part of the country where he/she wishes to live…and if we see the practicality of the situation we will see no class/races are confined to any specific region…as such regionalism is long forgotten past…so why are we still creating a stir based on Regionalism or races?

People may laugh reading the lines below but it tells us how confined we are as Indians…and this confinement is not with any physical obstruction but with our thinking.

Interviewer : what’s your name
Applicant: my name is V.I.J.A.Y surname Indian
Interviewer: so your name is Vijay?
Applicant: No sir, my name is Vincent(Christian).Issan(Buddhist).Jaspreet(Sikh).Amar(Hindu).Yusuf(Islam) INDIAN
Interviewer: where are you from?
Applicant: I am from CNSWE India
Interviewer: where is it?
Applicant: it’s Central North South West East India.
Interviewer: which religion do you follow?
Applicant : Humanism
Interviewer: So Mr V.I.J.A.Y you have been rejected for the post.
Applicant: I knew it sir, I only wanted to know whether the recruitment is for an Indian who may be anyone belonging to any part of the country following any religion or a person whom the society recognizes…by a name, caste or religion. Thank you sir I got my answer.

I won’t tell you the name or any whereabouts of that person but I should inform you all after the interview he was selected for IAS.

India, which is known for Unity in diversity…no other country in this world, has this unique combination of people ranging from different religions, cultures and castes...but with all these diversities there is also a diversion among the people…this ramification is because of communalism, regionalism and casteism which unfortunately we Indians are very proud off…but if we look deep down we realize if we really want India as One republic of equality preached among its individual we have to look for sustained steps to cater our unity.
I know if I go on with the discussion of removal of communalism, regionalism or casteism, It would mean cremating myself as if I am willingly going to a sandpit as it would result into mass turning up against me…with rage and ferocious hostility, violence may also creep up. So, as a peace loving citizen I would only speak of a betterment of the country or the world as a whole.

Everyday…when I read newspaper or any article…it seems to me as if it’s became mandatory to hear about the acts of Violence from across the world. It really agitates me when I hear about all these hostility. We are well aware of what had happened with the 2 world wars…and it’s also known if there’s any 3rd world war no civilization on this earth would survive…
So it’s my earnest request to one and all…Spread Love, Humanity, Brotherhood, Peace among the people…it’s the only way, we human can Live

“ ‘I’ stands for both Individual as well as Integrity…it’s always the way you see it…either it’s Integrity as an individual or Individual as a part of Integrity…!!! “

Quotes to follow:
Those who act kindly in this world will have kindness.
– Qur'an 39.10
He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings...
– Buddha
I consider myself a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist and Confucian.
— Mahatma Gandhi
True religion is real living; living with all one's soul,
with all one's goodness and righteousness.
— Albert Einstein
Be the change you wish to see reflected in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi
Everybody thinks of changing humanity
and nobody thinks of changing himself.
— Leo Tolstoy

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Leader in ME!

I want to be a leader,
My soul cried out loud,
To lead this lost human race,
Without an iota of doubt.

I took the first steps towards a person,
My speech didn’t inspire him at all,
I promised him food, shelter and clothing,
He mocked, “Don’t mislead me with promises so tall”.

I tried with a few more people
The same words I did say,
Most ridiculed, most broke into a giggle,
Rest left half the way.

I asked myself what I did wrong,
Took help from the Mahatma, Covey and many,
Learnt the 3 P’s – Proactive, Purpose and Priority,
Which led to my self-victory.

So I set forth again,
Wiser, motivated with a supreme belief,
That a leader begins with initiation,
Assertive, crisp and clear talk is chief.

Soon I led a thousand,
Through my example I set people free,
Made each of them stand tall and shout it loud,
There too exists a Leader in ME!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Mountain Tamer- A Poem

This poem is about a dialogue that goes on between a brave mountain climber and the mountain...

The Mountain Tamer :

"You are the guardian of the valley, one of the god's best ply,
The ambition of every rock, you stand so high....

Like a powerful beast, you touch the sky,
But still all I want is-I want to see you eye to eye....!"

The Mountain:

"Don't mess with me!!!! I am grotesque and sly,
My surface is rough and my skin so dry,
Up here my allies Mr.Gravity is brutal, and the Mr.Wind is wry,
To climb me you need more than just desire -or die......"

The Mountain Tamer:

"With my powerful arms, I will defeat gravity and rise,
With my never say die attitude I can befriend any size,
My axe can cut through any surface and slice,
My harness defends me like my armory, and I can smoothly reach any heights......"

The Mountain:

"You are a miniscule portion my grandeur and guise,
I can control storms with my shoulders and roll clouds like a dice, 
I advise you too understand your place and suffice,
Or face the consequences with despair and despise..............."

But the Mountain climber, like lightning-strikes the mountain and
Rises above high and higher, defeats the wind, gravity, fights the storms,
Put forth by the mountain, tears the rocks that come in his way, understands and observes hunger, concentrates his will and finally reaches the peak of the mountain....

Mountain Climber: (Smiling with Joy-----expresses his victory to the Mountain…..who is shocked and befuddled ..
"You know the power is not in the Big and Small …....the power is in understanding our source, You and I are made from the same matter ….We both are the diverse entities of the same undivided ABSOLUTE!"
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