Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Leader in ME!

I want to be a leader,
My soul cried out loud,
To lead this lost human race,
Without an iota of doubt.

I took the first steps towards a person,
My speech didn’t inspire him at all,
I promised him food, shelter and clothing,
He mocked, “Don’t mislead me with promises so tall”.

I tried with a few more people
The same words I did say,
Most ridiculed, most broke into a giggle,
Rest left half the way.

I asked myself what I did wrong,
Took help from the Mahatma, Covey and many,
Learnt the 3 P’s – Proactive, Purpose and Priority,
Which led to my self-victory.

So I set forth again,
Wiser, motivated with a supreme belief,
That a leader begins with initiation,
Assertive, crisp and clear talk is chief.

Soon I led a thousand,
Through my example I set people free,
Made each of them stand tall and shout it loud,
There too exists a Leader in ME!

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