Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Mountain Tamer- A Poem

This poem is about a dialogue that goes on between a brave mountain climber and the mountain...

The Mountain Tamer :

"You are the guardian of the valley, one of the god's best ply,
The ambition of every rock, you stand so high....

Like a powerful beast, you touch the sky,
But still all I want is-I want to see you eye to eye....!"

The Mountain:

"Don't mess with me!!!! I am grotesque and sly,
My surface is rough and my skin so dry,
Up here my allies Mr.Gravity is brutal, and the Mr.Wind is wry,
To climb me you need more than just desire -or die......"

The Mountain Tamer:

"With my powerful arms, I will defeat gravity and rise,
With my never say die attitude I can befriend any size,
My axe can cut through any surface and slice,
My harness defends me like my armory, and I can smoothly reach any heights......"

The Mountain:

"You are a miniscule portion my grandeur and guise,
I can control storms with my shoulders and roll clouds like a dice, 
I advise you too understand your place and suffice,
Or face the consequences with despair and despise..............."

But the Mountain climber, like lightning-strikes the mountain and
Rises above high and higher, defeats the wind, gravity, fights the storms,
Put forth by the mountain, tears the rocks that come in his way, understands and observes hunger, concentrates his will and finally reaches the peak of the mountain....

Mountain Climber: (Smiling with Joy-----expresses his victory to the Mountain…..who is shocked and befuddled ..
"You know the power is not in the Big and Small …....the power is in understanding our source, You and I are made from the same matter ….We both are the diverse entities of the same undivided ABSOLUTE!"
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