Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Keeping Stray-Dogs Away from your Society

Just wanted to share my thoughts on how life can be different if dogs are allowed inside SOCIETY premises.

There are Pros (Positives) and Cons (Negatives) of banning dog entries.

Pros (Positives) with absence of dogs:
1. Kids, most beautiful gift of nature, can play around freely.
2. Premises will be more neat and clean (No more dog-poops).
3. Chances of dog-bites will be almost negligible.
4. Hygiene issues for kids and elders can be controlled in a better way.
5. Comfortable sleeps in the nights.
6. Less effort for sweeper (especially in podium park, parking areas etc.) for cleaning dog-poops.
7. Walking alone late in the evening/night will be more luxurious in absence of dogs.  Generally, late in the night, it is one person Vs 10 dogs.
8. Sometimes dogs chase two-wheeler riders like anything and this may lead to accident/s.
9. Elders can go for early morning walk without any hesitation or fear.
10. Parents do not wish their kids to play with stray dogs.
11. Air would be more clean, pollution-free and less bacteria's and viruses in the air inside Pride-park premises.
12. Less chances of rabies.

Cons (Negatives) with absence of dogs:
1. Slight expense increase for the security guards who are at the main gates of SOCIETY. Slight expense increase means 4 or 5 rupees additional monthly maintenance.  I would say it is not a bad deal.

Dogs must be barred from sneaking inside SOCIETY premises.

What do you all think?


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