Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Englishman and the African

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People often ask me why I write on Love. Well here it goes.

Love is an integral part of my blog and shall continue to be. The beauty of love is that it has so many forms and dimensions. In this fast paced world where love is the last thing we know and think of its important we put an effort to inject it. Let me tell you a story about an Englishman and an African.

An Englishman was studying African literature on a journey through Africa. He read the stories, epics, poetry and all that he could find. Every single piece of literature he could find he came across something very common. All of them had a reference to water. It was described as holy, sacred. Love was equated to water. Surprised he asked his helper. Why is that all your literature is based on water? The African smiled and replied, "Because that's what we lack the most. In a land majorly covered with the desert we crave for water. If we have it we have all the happiness in the world." The Englishman was awestruck. He didn't realize that in his world he had something that was desired by so many people in their world.

While the Englishman was pondering the African asked him another question that send him into a tizzy. "Is that the reason why your literature talks so much about love?"
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