Saturday, December 15, 2012


Getting you as my Friend,
Knowing you better and better,
So happy was my Heart,
That I wish,I never let u go....

Sharing and Caring,
Talking about things around,
So fast this time passed by,
All got over,dont know why.

Beautiful were the times,
When too close were our Hearts,
Holding our hands,like will be never apart.
Such was the moment,
That I wished,I never let u go....

But this time didn't stay longer,
As the distances between us increased,
Various were its reasons,
As life changed the seasons.

No longer did those moments stay,
All different now were our way,
But somewhere,corner of my heart,
I prayed to God,dont make us apart.

These memories had conquered my Soul,
I wish that all these were a Foul.
Making myself smile in such times of Low,
I wish,I can Never let u Go......

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