Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Review: The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi

I’m not much into novels that have a religious setting but I did pick this one as I decided to read it no matter what.

This is Ashwin Sanghi’s third novel, the previous being The Rozabal Line and Chanakya's Chant. Unfortunately I have only heard about them; The Krishna Key would probably make me read them.

Sticking to his genre Ashwin has once again proved that he has immense appetite for thrillers. I like the plot, the story, the narration and the script but one thing I don’t like (and that’s across all such reality based fictional thriller’s) is how incidents and facts and figures are stitched together to prove one’s point. For instance across the book you’ll realize how important the number 108 is and the book will not leave you till you’re convinced.

The book starts with a researcher friend Anil Varshney of the protagonist (Ravi Mohan Saini) who has found 4 seals during his exploration which tell you more about the Krishna you already know. It also gives the address of the Brahmastra (the most destructible weapon ever). Varshney sensing of a threat to his life distributes 3 of these seals amongst his close buddies while keeping 1 with himself. One evening while in his study Varshney is killed. The police have no clue of the killer other than a shlok in Sanskrit. The trace leads to Ravi (a professor by profession) who is accused of the crime. Trying to prove his innocence Ravi runs from the police to gather some evidence. Unfortunately the killer is a step ahead and kills all his friends who have the seal. Slowly Ravi beginning to make sense of the things whisking past him solves the mystery, thanks to his in-depth knowledge of Krishna and Sanskrit and love for crypts.

I would say the story is good, the writing brilliant. It keeps you on your toes and has enough of twists and turns to keep the interest going. But that’s only for someone who’s well versed in the Mahabharata and digs religious thrillers. For someone who’s not the book seems like a never ending curse. Since I fall in the latter I shall rate it 2/5. A good pass time but a bit only if you have immense of it.        

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