Thursday, June 20, 2013

Facebook will now pay you. Earn money for recommending products.

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If rumours are to be believed the biggest and most popular social networking platform out there may just start paying you. Yes, we will get paid. After @mentions and #hashtags Facebook has gone one up and trying to emulate a model where users can recommend certain products in their status messages. This would use the ever bankable model of advertising - word of mouth and also open up greater markets and personal recommendations made for your friends by your friends. So imagine, if you're friend is contemplating to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4, Facebook may use you to recommend him a Nokia Lumia 920 instead. Well, isn't this what we do for free. Given the big way advertisers run after people to sell their stuff this could enable them to get up, close and personal to people who actually want an upmarket smartphone rather than just shooting bullets in thin air. 

Exactly how Facebook would drive this and consequently pay people is not ripe but only time will tell. In either case its the user that's going to benefit. After all he/she will get paid for doing the same thing what he/she was doing all this while. The big question is privacy. With many applications like "Who visited your profile" on the rise who quietly capture your personal details this could be one more way of putting too much online. 

But as we said, theres no confirmed news. It's just a rumour we have heard. So let's wait and watch and hope to become rich. 
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