Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reliance Digital - Ushering in a new era of Digital Shopping.

The good and smart people at Reliance come up with something or the other to improve the lives of millions of commoners. After Reliance Wellness, Reliance Fresh, Reliance TimeOut, Reliance iStore and some of the brands that I'm forgetting Reliance Digital is their new venture. With the aim of providing end to end electronic solutions to the consumers this store (the one at Infinity Mall, Malad West, Bombay) is a one of a kind. 

Like any top class international store the entire store was divided into sections like IT, accessories, entertainment, mobiles, etc. It seemed like be in in the case of laptops or even camera's all sections of society were thought of. From entry level to mid-range to high end products all were there to purchase or just hold and experience. As an attention to detail, all products on display were labelled well and gave all the necessary information. 

The star attraction at the store was the Samsung gesture controlled TV. If it weren't for the price I would have picked it up. Unfortunately in an age when salary comes in like a snail and goes out like a rabbit you are left with no choice but to let things be. But the experience at the store did give me a feeling of ownership even though for a few minutes. On a lighter vein, married men will be happy that atleast the TV dances on their fingers :)

An interesting concept by the ever smart Reliance people is the Power Eye section which has the latest offers  and fast moving goods on display. This section is right at the entrance and is the first thing you'll notice as you walk in the store. 

If you ask me what different you will find at a Reliance Digital Store as compared to any other store. Then here it is.

1. Things are a bit cheaper. eg. The Lumia 920 costs Rs. 31,999 at Reliance Digital while at Croma which is just 200 meters away its Rs. 32,500. I compared the microwaves too and it was cheaper than what I saw elsewhere. Nice offers on the iPhone too.

2. Relaince Digital has its own brand called 'Reconnect' that comprises of a host of electronic equipment that we use in our daily lives, from home entertainment products such as televisions, multimedia speaker, DVD players to home appliances such as juicers, coffee makers, etc. They have partnered with the best in the industry to develop great products at affordable prices. 

3. Reliance Digital also has an in-house Reliance TimeOut corner where you can get your hands on music, stationery, accessories, etc. The Books section is one thing that caught my attention. Probably because I too am authoring a book which is due for publishing and should be out in a month's time. For more details on that visit

All in all, the Reliance Digital experience was a good one and promises to bring in a new era of digital shopping.
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  1. The cost of the products here may be less. They are not at all well stocked. They do not have products in all the ranges nor do they have many brands. Why would I go to RD when I can have a better choice at Chroma or Next? Well, even Vijay Sales or Sony Mony are better. The book section was there but, nothing much. What's the USP of RD?

  2. Well to each his own. For the time i spent there and things I saw I liked RD. The microwave oven and mobile section covered all the price points that could be.
    Come to think of it, a Croma normally occupies a larger space as compared to a RD (atleast in Malad). Given that RD does a good job.
    Also as of late RD has been doing a good job with its service and sales. Croma on the other hand has been receiving a lot of complaints.


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