Thursday, June 20, 2013

One love !

“Vodka or Tequilla, what would you like to have ma’am?” came a voice from behind. She turned around to see the extra smart chap who had offered her a drink. A young man with a good physique,  wearing branded accessories and a costly perfume, was standing behind Nishtha.

With raised eyebrows, she looked into his eyes not knowing what to say. She was lost in her thoughts until her friend Yati shook her shoulders trying to bring her back to present. “Oh yeah, sorry…..well….I would just have a light beer” she stammered. She was a bit surprised, well pleasantly surprised, that the guy she was keeping an eye at from over an hour, himself walked up to her and initiated a conversation. As she didn’t have enough courage to take the first step, she was impressed with the guy and realized that she had a crush on him.

Nishtha was a simple girl who was new to the city of dreams-Mumbai. She had come  to the city to explore herself. She stepped out that night just to roam around and experience the night-life of the city. Not knowing that it will turn out to be the most memorable night of her life.

“Hi , I am Suraj” he introduced himself. They soon got engaged into a conversation when suddenly Yati interrupted them “Hey Nishu, we are running out of time darling. We should get back home now” she said glancing at her watch. But Nishtha was in no mood to go home.

 “Why don’t you get going while I’ll come a bit later?” said Nishtha making pleasing expressions.  Yati gave her an angry look as she was concerned about her but she understood that her friend wanted some personal time. So Yati soon started heading back home leaving her friend at the disc.

Soon after having a nice talk these two free birds started to explore the sky, feeling the freeness of their souls. Late at midnight they were roaming in the streets of Mumbai, enjoying the sea view, feeling the cool breeze. Each moment spent, made them closer, emotionally as well as physically.

“Hey would you mind joining me for a cup of coffee? At my place, what say?” asked Nishtha. Which guy would let such an opportunity go. But well, Suraj wasn’t one of them. He insisted on roaming around. But soon, he realized that he could not resist such a pretty girl and so they drove the empty silent roads and reached her place.

In no time, his hands exploring her body and her arms were on his waist. Soon they were in each-others’ arms and hugging. The atmosphere was getting sensuous and their bodies were reacting to the passion inside them. The distance between them became lesser and they grew closer with each passing moment. The passionate  exploration of each others’ bodies reached a level higher than the ride to Heaven!

He landed kisses on her shoulders, waist, belly, and all over her body to completely enjoy the sweet and spicy flavour of hers. Biting, smothering, touching, cuddling, the passion just spread like a forest fire. And as it was reaching to its final destination, suddenly there was a clinch felt by Suraj. She was trying to push him away. Suraj was bit surprised by her reaction. “What happened? “ She was lost in her thoughts for two minutes and then said “I’m sorry but I can’t go any further. We should just stop it here only.”

“Arre dear, but what happened? You care to share? Is there some problem?” he was getting curious to know what was bothering. Nishtha , sitting on the couch with her legs folded, was lost in her own world. There was a long silence and both of them just sat beside each other and they seemed very far away . “Why did it have to be me? What was my mistake? Am I myself responsible for whatever happened that day?” Suraj was puzzled. He had so many questions in his mind. But keeping all those questions aside, he first calmed her n hold her hands. “Relax baby, relax….will u tell me what has happened?”

“Well, I want to share something with you.”

“Yeah Nishtha, go on. I’m all ears. But first relax”

“No I am fine. Don’t worry”

“Ohh no, I know what does a girl’s ‘fine’ mean. So common, go ahead. Am waiting to listen to you”

“It was a normal day at my college, going well as any usual day. We had our college fest coming soon. So we had list of tasks to be completed. My friends left one by one while I was busy with my part of task. It was late afternoon, around 4.30pm. I soon realised it was just me and one more guy left in the college premises. I, in a hurry, was busy completing my work as soon as possible, and was about to wind up when” She paused for a second. “when I heard a sound of the doors closing. Alarmed, I looked above to see the guy who was  the only person left, coming towards me. He held my hands tightly, stretched my arms, made me lay forcefully and……! He behaved like a wild animal. The moment was such a horror and a nightmare for me! “ and then she burst into tears.

“Relax relax……” Suraj just hugged her tightly and tried to calm her. “Don’t worry and relax dear,  I am here with you now. It wasn’t your fault. Some people are inhuman and behave like animals.Try to forget the dark days of your life and bury those memories in the past. I know it may take a lot of time but just try to do so. And I would never do anything against your will or something that may hurt you. So please don’t worry and relax for now.

They hugged and cuddled into each others’ arms and lay down beside for the rest of the night.

That was just the start of a real long relationship. Their love just grew more and more with every passing month and so did the trust. They knew from the very first moment that this was the right partner for them. Their inner voice made the right choice for them. They ended up being together for a life-time…..or maybe for their life-times !

PS: As its said, love stories are made in heaven! Well, why not…..after all this beautiful earth only turns into heaven for them. But along with it, there is also a dark side to this world, which we should not forget while we are busy enjoying the lovely part of it. In today’s world, it is very difficult to trust someone. But I would say even though one has seen the darker side of it, never forget to trust the ones which are worth it. And don’t worry, like Suraj and Nishtha, you too will realize whom to believe in and whom to not. Learn to appreciate the good times. 

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