Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nokia's comeback punch

There was a time when Nokia announced that they were standing on a burning platform. Today Nokia is burning and yes, burning hot. The attitude, the strategy, the vibes are all an indication that Nokia is on a comeback trail, a fight not only to be the number one handset maker or the number one in usage but to win back the hearts which it has lost temporarily, to give the ever so loyalist Nokia fan something to cheer about.

The deal with Microsoft took everyone by storm, the biggest name in the world of computers had shaken hands with the biggest name in telecom, to create a device that would transform our lives like never before – using the ever so familiar Windows with the confidence a Nokia brings along. The world is waiting, the predictions are magical. But while the war is still to be waged Nokia is slowly and steadily winning the battles with NFC, Belle, new smartphones at affordable prices and promises of frequent updates and support. Come October 26th, the world will watch Nokia’s comeback punch. After all our greatest victory doesn’t lie in winning always but rising after every fall. Long to be there.

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