Monday, October 31, 2011

The pain and joy of writing

Writing is difficult, it surely is. Most of the times when you have the topic and the flow of thoughts to write a piece you are never in a perfect place or with a pen/paper or a computer around. When you have all the necessary equipment you are lost for words and topics to write on. In fact there is a term that has been coined for this state – A Writers Block.

Writing involves a lot. It’s much more than just penning down words. The words and thoughts have to be well-thought and arranged. It has to be well structured and proper restraint has to be exercised.  After all a write-up written with least effort is often least enjoyed. It’s only when you put in the effort to think, analyse, write your piece, structure it, edit it and review it well you will never be able to produce something that people will really enjoy and like.

If writing is so difficult then getting people to write is even worse. It’s like a wild goose chase. The moment u run after someone to write that person runs away. Even a mere ping just to ask one’s health and well-being is considered as a precursor to asking the “Have you managed to write anything?” question. The person totally flips out and goes offline that very instant. You can be rest assured that you will not hear anything from that person for some time (I’m trying to be nice here :)).

But there's something about writing that just sets it aside. It provides a vent to one’s feelings, calms your inner storms and is extremely good for the soul. I believe everyone should write because not only everybody has a story to tell but also when you write you feel alive. So just write, write about anything. You may not write a masterpiece but will definitely write your story. It’s your thoughts, your words and your space.  And what’s great is the more you write the better you get at it. So come, write on and Discover Writing!

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