Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friends or Foes?

Some days u cant help remind yourself, how much better it was when we were kids!!

Friends were friends and foes were foes, there was always a bold line drawn between the two in thick black ink.... na......thick black crayons!!!

Feelings were always clear and intentions never misunderstood!

And now we have grown up, and we have to wear a smile, while in our minds we might be screaming our heads off, with whatever bits of bad words we know!

We need to put our heads to concentrate on multicoloured computer monitors, when we actually want to go out and party!!

We have to be friends to our foes, which almost automatically makes our friends behave to us as if we their foes !

Every look, every word, every intention is misunderstood in every possible way! So much to the point that great people started proclaiming that 'the secret of failure, is trying to impress Everybody!'

Indeed, if we intent to clear every misunderstanding 'everyone' had got about us... then we would not have time for 'anything' else at all!!!! But does that mean that we live life our way and never care about others??? Answer would be a BIG NO !!!

So then what could we do?

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