Sunday, June 02, 2013

Getting Even With Dad

As a child I’ve had terrible issues dealing with my father. My father, an electrical officer in merchant navy was someone who only made his appearance somewhere in the middle of the year (read when my school results were declared). On seeing my results he would have only one comment, “You were bad last time, this year you have become worse”.
It was his way or no way.
I somehow could never get my father. What he wanted and how he wanted it. Things had to be done his way for it to succeed. Even if you didn’t and still succeeded, there was still something to hear. The rule was simple, in order to not hear those words you had to do things his way. It was his way or no way.
Where academic performances didn’t take centre stage, my upbringing always got on his nerves. No fixed time to wake up, to sleep, for may read the entire article on
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