Sunday, October 28, 2012

The analogy of life and a 2 wheeler vehicle

Life is like riding a 2 wheeler vehicle. You have to be in motion to keep balance.

The rear view mirror gives a view of the past; a past which is much closer than it appears; the spot we are at is the present, the road we see ahead is the future we can see at most while the part we can't is the future.

You go on the road you think is right battling dead-end's, detours and potholes..not forgetting speed breakers. All towards a destination.

Along the road you cross other riders, some riding in groups, some riding pillion, some riding by themselves, some to themselves and some for a reason.

Some ride with you, some choose to ride along side you, some race ahead and some lag behind.

You go too fast and you miss the view, too slow and impatience takes the better of you.

On the journey you come across days filled with sunshine, rain and the cold. And on some days you experience a mix.  

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