Friday, December 04, 2009

Luck: What is it?

Luck. I don’t know whether there is anything like that or it’s something that people have just made up. In life when we work for something and we don’t get it, do we blame our bad luck for it or do we say that we are not destined.
Probably either of the two can be said in case this is a one-off incident. But what when a certain phase has been going on and on and you just don’t know what to do. No matter how much you try nothing seems to work. Before a thing can even start, it is doomed to be a failure.
With regards to luck, I don’t know if its true that certain people are luckier than or unluckier than others. I remember my friends not allowing me to catch even a single match of the IPL-2 since they said that if I watched the match the team that they wanted to win would never win. Even in my own personal experiences I have noticed that at times being open and telling people of your plans goes the wrong way even though the work is nearing success. There comes up some problem after another running the whole work into jeopardy. In certain cases just maintaining silence is the best option. But what is one supposed to do when the person is a close member of your family? You can’t hide things from him/her right? You can’t even break off all relations with that person on the basis of not being lucky.

I wish there was some kind of remedy to solve or even better understand this whole complex thing of luck. It’s seriously very tough to do so. How are some people luckier than others? How for others telling everyone everything makes no difference? What is someone supposed to do when nothing goes his way? Who should someone blame if this happens? How is one supposed to know who’s lucky and who’s not? Should someone believe in luck at all? Or consider it as some kind of invention by people just to console themselves or explain why life is so unfair?

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