Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

As she walked in, the whole room went still
The valets at the door completely forgot their skill

The cold sounds of stiletto's as they went click click
Turned every brow wet and the air went thick

And then she turned around and gave a Mona Lisa smile
Which helped him to remember that it's been a long while

Since the time she first went completely off the rocker
Since the days he used to visit her alone in the locker

He wished they'd remembered what he'd told them before
That there is no sanity, left in her to look for

They'd asked him to be calm, and to have no fear
One can only wonder how she managed to get here

Sorry to interrupt, but I'm not sure if you noticed
I don't usually do this without a good purpose

Did you forget me? she focused on him and said
He replied no, you're supposed to be dead

You know that I adore you with all heart and soul
Even though my love for you takes a heavy toll

He could never imagine why, she should even bother
Considering he always treated her as cattle fodder

But she dreamed about him even though she'd been spurned
She felt true love never had to be returned

She believed him, even though his tales are phoney
And she always thought, of their future in matrimony

I've heard such lines before, he remarked, 'check please'
And I hope you do not plan to go down on your knees

Why should I be with you? U know beauty fades
I am in heaven! why should I choose Hades?

Because I will love you even though you are silly
My life without you is uneven and chilly

But do you bear any worth more valuable than charm?
He glanced quickly at the light pressure on his arm

Here's an envelope filled with reports within
The child holding you is the product of our sin

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  1. Hey Nice one Trilok :) keep writing...waitin for more from u!


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