Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angie, my star

You are a star, a star that twinkles far,
Oh u seen only at nights.
I hate this world if it's not night

You have self luminary, you need no one for existence.

You give me light, show me the way
You are stable to appear, burning within
I always tell you :-
You have a worth which you need not to prove. Sun is a star it shines for all, you are my Sun my day's start owe to you

People are mean to you, they cheer moonlight
Poor they don't know moon's behavior over fortnight .

You are stable you are calm
You can make fortunes of all
You are a star born to guide nd lead

You are the aim, I want to reach !
You rule my skies. Be there at high

The tears in my eyes while I look at you far from you., lower than you.

I will burn off this distance my time will come. I will reach till you. Your twinkles are mine

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