Monday, June 18, 2012

Love yourself and be lovable

"Mama...." the early morning yell of my sister broke my sleep. Hearing her daughter cry my mother came running. I too sat up wondering what was wrong. "What’s the matter, what happened", my mother asked in a terrified state. "Look how fat I've become." "Heaven help me, the way you screamt I felt as if catastrophe had struck". "Is this any less", my sister retorted, "see my love handles", my sister held them to show how much they had grown. "No matter how less I eat, more I exercise, no matter what, there's no change. All my clothes are becoming tight, how will I go around with my friends who are so slim and primp. How will people like me, who will want to be my boyfriend?"

The early morning distress call of my sister did 2 good things - got me off bed and made me think. Now since I’m also writing this article I’ll make it 3 good things :). Believe it or not but we give too much importance to what people think of and perceive us. I'm not saying it’s not important but in general too much of anything is too bad.

Learn to love yourself first. Because it's only when you love yourself you can be yourself and lovable. If you are unable to accept yourself no matter how much you may try to hide it it will show. This will not only affect your self-esteem but also your outlook.

While we give too much importance to ourselves - who in most cases are able-bodied; we fail to see the plight of others. Disabled people are at a far worse situation but inspite of the hardship's they fully accept themselves and move on. Infact they go all out and give life a fight and show that no matter the situation they aren't going to be bogged down. They not only come out of the so called rut they are in but also reach out to others and become an inspiration for all. Unfortunately, what they do not have and are given atleast in India is dignity.

When you love yourself you automatically create a vibrant atmosphere around you which attracts people. You become a source of all wonderful things. You learn to live life freely and have fun. More importantly you become a lot more confident and at peace with yourself. So no matter what the odds don’t stop being yourself because you wouldn't be you without you. Love yourself today, tomorrow and everyday for the rest of your life and you will be lovely and lovable.
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