Wednesday, November 03, 2010


The Oxford Dictionary defines beautyas “the quality of being pleasing to the senses”. I think they have got it right but then why do people consider beauty as someone’s appearance…??

Growing up I was never one of the most beautiful or one of the most popular girls in school/college. I always considered myself as an average student with spectacles, dark in complexion, blessed with only decent height, broad shoulders and fat. I was never the girl who guys would ask out or someone who had a date every weekend. I was never the one to receive roses on rose day. I quite considered myself as someone who is not “BEAUTIFUL”.

I define beauty as something that is vain and can never last forever. A person is beautiful if they respect others feelings, who have their shortcomings in anger but yet know when to draw the line, who accepts you the way you are and who makes you feel good about yourself. Isn’t this what “pleasing to the senses” means?

How far is your appearance going to take you; your “so called” beauty that will fade with age? Is that something to be proud of??

I have this one friend who always tells me that I am beautiful. I kept thinking that he is lying because the mirror is evident to my beauty. One day I decided to confront him. I asked him my typical bhaigiri language. “Why do you say I’m beautiful when clearly I am not….channe ke jhaad par maat chada.” He simply said to me, “you are one of the most beautiful people I know. You see the best in me; you are my shoulder to cry on. You have the worst anger but that just shows how much you love me………. You are beautiful.” I thought to myself, damn, not only is this person praising the living daylights out of me but maybe he has a point, maybe there is more to life.

Looks can be deceiving, so before you judge someone on the basis on what they look like, let me warn you, you are in for a surprise.

I wrote this article with two perspectives in mind.

 It has happened so many times that I have seen people and I make the assumption that this person “looks bad” or “just see the attitude” or “what a pain!!!” Without really knowing the person I judge the person on what they look like. But then when you actually get to know them it’s more like “I really like him/her we sooooo can be good friends” without really caring about what they look anymore. On the basis of appearance people judge if you are intelligent-dumb, innocent-corrupt, weak-strong, proud-humble or at times even a drunkard or a drug addict. I think that is said because I have come to realize that there is so much to a person than just the appearance. I hear people saying all the time looks don’t matter; so far whoever said this had turned out to be the biggest hypocrite. For me beauty does matter as long as there is more of it on the inside.

Today standing tall I accept that maybe I am deficient in the “looks” department but I have enough confidence to get me through my day. No one can make me feel bad about myself except me. I am happy with the people who look and those who don’t can go and fly a kite for all I care. Each one is beautiful some even more than they can imagine. For all those people who put themselves and have been put down by others just believe in yourself. Like Nike and Adidas say “JUST DO IT…..IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING”. You are beautiful as long as you are a good person and have the right interest in mind. There is this quote from one of my favorite songs.

“You are beautiful, no matter what they say

Words won’t bring you down.

You are beautiful, in every single way

Words won’t bring you down”

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