Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I slice the blade through my skin
All the madness must begin
I cut away all my fears
Out of my eyes I bleed a few tears
I think of her and of you
Cant decide what to do
Hurt and pain is all I feel
All my scars will never heal
Cut so deep, reaching my heart
All the madness now must start
You went away, you didn’t care
I reach out, you’re not there
Why scream out, try not to cry
Screwed up life based on a lie
Make another, cut it deep
Slowly blood now seeps
Dripping dripping all around
Dripping dripping to the ground
Each drop represents me
All the pain whats meant to be
Please don’t cry its over now
It would have worked I’m sure somehow
So goodbye all , I love you friends
But all the madness now must end

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