Friday, November 12, 2010

My Childhood Memory

Hello people.

Hows it going?? Well I promise you no grumbling today! Ok maybe a little bit. . Yes I have excellent news. Its excellent news for me and it doesn’t effect you in any way but yes KETAN SIR IS BACK!!!. You heard me! he is back. YAY! Finally learning is going to be fun again and I wont have to put up with lame, cheesy and cheap humor in class. Finally!

I had a pretty average day today. You know another day same shit. :P .life is seriously failing to surprise me. Seriously come on a little spice wont hurt! Speaking of spice (yes I always need an excuse to speak about food) off late I have developed passion for cooking, yes yes masterchef Australia is rubbing off on me. MASTERCHEIF INDIA sucks. Seriously my mom cooks and invents better dishes than those idiots. Note to akshay kumar, Dude be a man, whats with the flowery shirts??! Yes back to what I was saying. I have developed a passion or cooking.  it all started with bread pudding.

Back when I was a kid , one day my aunt came home (there is a reason why I precisely remember this day) I was about say 8years old. And she got me a small steel tiffin. I thought to myself “that’s an odd gift for a 8 year old. I rather receive some toy or something”. She told me “I made something for you.” I was the baby elephant in the family, whenever anyone in my family cooked something I would be the 1st to taste it. That was the 1st time I tasted bread pudding. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Shortly after that my aunt shifted and I never got to taste it again.

Since I was 8, after I eat bread pudding I wanted more. I never really found it in a bakery. I asked my mom if she knew to make it. She said no! I asked my sisters if they know to make it. They said no! so I pretty much gave up and asked myself when will I get to eat bread pudding . 2months back it struck me and I found the answer. Yes I found the answer on google. :P I saved the recipe and thought to myself HEY I CAN MAKE BREAD PUDDING !! and I did. It turned out pretty decent considering it was the 1st time I baked anything also no one died of constipation! And the joy it gave me was immeasurable! The joy of eating it after 12years and the fact I baked it myself, was immense!

Now that I know I can bake decently I have been downloading recipes. So Christmas here I come with something made by me! never realized how much fun baking can be!!! Anyhoo if any of you have any special dessert that is linked to your childhood memory, how bread pudding is linked to mine. Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time.

Suzanne Moses (always hungry)

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