Friday, September 14, 2012

My most memorable day the Formula One way

There something common between Lewis Hamilton and me and that's how we play. No matter what the world may say about us we play hard but never compromise the rules. Probably that's the reason we have so many things in common eg: our birth month, we're both Mad Over Donuts not forgetting our fan following. Below is a recount of my day which was no less than a high profile Grand Prix. J

A lot of excitement had been built for this day but for me it was a tense thing. I had participated in an inter-school state level group discussion and after 2 qualifying rounds was in the final. The final were to be played out in front of the Chief Minister and various government dignitaries not forgetting to mention school principals and a massive crowd of 5000. It was my first ever final and it had to be a cracker. I had my whole school counting on me. My mentor helped me construct a fine armory of points that would get the adrenaline to flow and put me in the forefront. My pit team (my teachers) all backed me up and kept my hopes high. The finale started with a warm up lap introducing all the 5 participants. Each of us looked at the other. We needed no introduction. All we knew each other’s potential, talent and prowess. In the end one of us would be crowned the winner. Would it be a case of Linkin Park’s – I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter was to be seen. Getting a podium finish (top 3) was important but the title supreme.

The debate started with each one leaving nothing to chance and making the most of our moment. Psychologically the positions in my head had been formed. Some tried to put in their weight in and sneak in through a corner (a slight amount of silence) but those in the lead were holding their ground very well. I was lagging a great extent and had to make my move fast. I decided to take it one by one. When my nearest competitor was being heckled by the one ahead of him I made my move. I got him to believe that I was on his side and then made a switch. Something like gave him an impression was going to overtake from the left and then overtook from the right. Feeling that the ground below him had vanished he lost his lead.

Having one behind me I concentrated on the person in number 3. I got right behind him as he was trying to overtake the 2nd. Using a bit of piggybacking I overtook him and landed in 3rd position. Seeing my dream run the crowd got behind me and gave me a lift. My pit team gave me signs that I needed to take a pit stop and re-strategize. I took it to recharge my batteries. In the break I changed my tyres (approach), brake oil (restraint) and power (aggression) to go all out.

Being in 3rd I had 2 more to beat who seemed to be going great guns.  But I too wasn’t going to give up. The temperature soared, the debate got intense, the smell of burnt rubber could be felt in the air. The time was slipping away, in 5 minutes it would be all over. I prayed for a miracle and hoped for some divine intervention.  Fortunately for me fortune favors the brave. I stepped on the pedal and got into an overdrive. Sensing my charge my opponent fumbled and made a wrong move. He went too close to the forbidden zone and scratched the walls. The judges ruled him out followed by dissent and silent expletives.

Now it was just me and my all-time competitor. The result would decide who would be called the best. I was lagging by a whisker. I had to use my lethal weapon to win this. So I crossed his point and used my flair not stopping for anything on this world. The sudden surge of words and quotes gave me a nitro boost and rattled my opponent. He went lost for words. It was down to the last minute. I could see the excitement on the faces of my crew. All of them sniffed success and it showed on their faces. My opponent gave it all but I too wasn’t going to let him have the cake. I charged and made sure he didn’t have the slightest chance. The chequered flag was waved (final bell) and I was announced the winner marked by a grand standing ovation by the crowd and dignitaries present.

I was lifted by my school mates and congratulated by one and all. I was called up to the podium and awarded the prize with confetti thrown all over and flashlights going berserk. The sound of claps refused to die down. I still remember and feel that moment to this day.

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