Saturday, September 15, 2012

HP - Hatke People, Hatke Printing!

I was lazing around on a Sunday afternoon when Nakul called me. “Hey Nelton I heard you won a printer.” “Yes. Cool man, can I have a look. I just take an hour, that’s it.” “Sure, no worries come over.”

In a few minutes Nakul was at my place. The detective in me felt that he called me on my phone standing right below my building. But anyways that’s me and my wild thoughts. On seeing the printer Nakul went like anyone would...”WOWWWWW, this is so cool. Awesome. You bloody won an AIO? Printer Scanner Copier that too just by tweeting”.

“Yes, the cool part is not that I won, the cool part is what this beauty can do.” “Like what?”  “Ask what it can’t do. Trust me this is probably where you see dream printers taking shape. The next stage would be food printers. Probably HP would get there first too. HP or “Hatke People” is how I like to call them are and have always been in the forefront of innovation. The Ink Advantage line of printers is one such innovation.” “Innovations huh…like what?”

“Ok, what do you think a printer can do at most?” “That’s a no brainer – Print.” “That’s it?” “Yes, at max print wellJ” “Well that’s there but also a lot more. The Ink advantage line of printers can print what you want wherever you want it and whenever you want it.” “What??? There was a lot of wants in there.” “Let me break it down for you. With HP wireless printing you can simply send an email to your printer and it would print it for you.” “Are you kidding me? I wish I was but no. That means even if you are on vacation somewhere far you can share pictures with your mom and dad who are not so familiar with computers or social networking. Also you could be smart and give your girlfriend a surprise by keeping a greeting card ready when she comes home. You can ask her, can you get me the document I printed? Nice na. Think of the surprise.” “Man, now you’ve got me thinking.” “Also you don’t need to print all the attachments in the mail, you can pick and choose which files to print and which to leave.” “Wow, so simply said its printing without a PC.” “Yes, and since its wireless you don’t have to bother about sharing the printer, everyone has the control. It is its own hotspotJ. And since the every printer has an email address you can send your files to print anywhere. Means you can mail the printer at your workplace so your files get there before you. It’s productive too.”

“What else tell me more?” “Well you have a touchscreen smartphone right?” “Yes.” “Do you think touchscreen’s have made life easy?” “Definitely yes. Punching in keys is so boring. I can type much faster on my phone than the PC. It’s so easy to use, so damn good.” “You know HP printers come in touchscreen models too.” “What? Touchscreen on printers?” ”Yes, so now its tap tap print.”

“What about the printing quality and cost, I would have asked you about the printer cost too but since you have won it I can’t.” “Well, thanks. But I can answer that too. Where the printing quality is concerned I’ll answer it like this. Close your eyes and dream of the most beautiful place you would love to be in. Now open your eyes and print it using the HP Ink Advantage and you’ll be there. It’s so life like. In fact let me show you. Which is your dream city?” “Melbourne, I simply love that place. I long to go there.” “Yes, that’s indeed a beautiful place. Here’s a pic of the Yarra river bridge. And here we go Print. Melbourne here we come.” “Whoa, that was fast and so amazing too. And this printout is nothing short of a dream. So perfect and the ink has dried up completely so no smudging. Life like colours and great depth. Isn’t this too costly per age wise?” “You may think so, but in Rs.450/- cartridge if I can get 600 pages it’s not even a rupee per page.” “Really? Yes, how much does this machine actually cost?” “Trust me you can get a great HP inkjet printer within 10,000. It’s perfect for home use, fast and economical. There's no need to go for any other or even a laser printer for instance. You can go bonkers and print greeting cards, labels for your files and books, documents, recipes, anything. Try even Tee shirt your own stuff. If you want to blow people away then print some famous paintings by Pablo Picasso, da Vinci, Van Gough among others. Then like the Renault ad you flaunt them saying this is my 1978, 1965, etc.” “Hahaha. I'm already blown away. I can see where you’re going. HP are seriously Hatke people.” “Yes.”

“How did you win this thing?” “I won it through BlogAdda’s blogger meet. I met some wonderful people, met lovely ideas, had fun, and munched on some lovely snacks too. In short I came back with my stomach and hands both fullJ. Blogadda is a great way to socialize and have fun. Looking forward to their next meet. “Why don’t you say looking forward to winning something big again?” “Hahaha.”

“Great, Ok then I’ll take your leave then.” “You’re going so soon? It’s been only 15 minutes since you came. You said you would stay for an hour.” “Well yes, but now I’m so impressed by this printer that I’ve decided to go straight to the mall and buy a HP Think advantage printer myself.” “You’re a fast learner smarty.” Laughs…

“Lemme know when you’re back. We can do some wireless printing thenJ” "Sure. Cya." 

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