Friday, September 14, 2012

I shall Soak No More!

I woke up in the morning, it was a Monday,
The beginning of another week, the start of a new day,
Forcibly putting myself in gear, I soon realized I was running late,
Oh! Dear, not again, I cried at my ill fate,
My clothes were not ironed, nothing was in place,
The corn flakes were over, no other breakfast food in trace.

So I picked up myself, took my eyes off the floor,
I’m gonna make this day count, I’m gonna soak no more.

I made a dash for my bus, used all the strength I had,
Crisscrossed traffic, people and bystanders...escaping looks bad,
I saw my bus at a distance, harder I pushed myself,
My feet couldn’t carry me fast enough, how I wished I had an elf,
Continuing the trend of the day, the sky above roared,
Raindrops pelted down on me, cutting me like a sword.

Once again I picked up myself, fighting my destiny like a wild boar,
I'm gonna make this day count, I’m gonna soak no more.

I managed reaching office, heads turned as I walked,
People whispered amongst themselves, has this person got lost?
We began with promotion review; the performance of all was discussed,
The increment carrot was dangling; in my work I had full trust,
My efforts were totally sidelined, wasn’t even given a glance,
My hopes blew up in thin air; I had lost my only chance.

I lost all hope in myself; I was shaken to the core,
I needed some moments of peace; I could soak it no more.

I boarded the bus for home; I cared less for anyone,
In my own world I was lost, I was angry with the holy one,
The traffic got on my nerves, all I wanted was to go home,
But silly me, life had plans of its own,
After three hours of madness, I reached my lovely abode,
The day had ripped me apart, I was angry, I was tired and I was bored.

I went straight to bed without eating a morsel or doing any chore,
Maybe not today, but definitely tomorrow I shall soak no more.

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