Sunday, September 21, 2014

Christian for my own good

Disclaimer: This is a post in jest listing the things that I, as a Christian am accustomed to. It is neither to promote a particular faith nor to condemn another. Now since we are clear I shall now kiss my bride :).

Non-veg on certain days, veg on the other

My non-Christians friends, Hindu’s in particular, follow a regimen where they are vegetarians on most days of the week and non-vegetarians on the unlucky few that are left. While I understand that it’s done in honour of a particular God among the 33 crore Gods, who have among themselves amicably settled for a day of the week each, it’s a challenge to plan a meal together as not only the restaurant and time matter, the day of the week does too. It also means that weekend plans involving chicken do not work. Wednesday, whether one likes it or not, is the best day to be a carnivore. 

Even during festivals the logic is different. For Christians, festivals are a time to celebrate and feast on the fattened calf. But the common trend in non-Christian families is the opposite. While we indulge in the best of meat and seafood, my non-Christian friends are strictly vegans.

A fast is a fast

Though this point is debatable it’s worth a mention. A fast is a fast. It’s not a diet or abstinence. And there is nothing like a hard-fast and a soft-fast.

While on a fast, which is supposed to be not eating a grain of food or drinking a sip of liquid for a specified period of time, people gulp down juices, eat chips and eat fruits like as if they are on a diet plan. And in all seriousness, this in no way is a fast. If it is, it’s demeaning to all those who seriously keep it. Calling it a fast is like being cat that closes its eyes while drinking milk and thinking that since it can’t see anyone no one can see it.

Instead of calling this so-called-fast a fast, I would prefer it being called abstinence from lunch or dinner. That would be more appropriate. 

Silence in places of worship and religious ceremonies

The silence in a church fascinates me. No matter the commotion outside, a chaotic mind can be brought to rest only with and in silence. But the bell in a temple, with some over-enthusiastic people having no intention of stopping unless they have rung it a hundred times, makes me wonder if God has fallen asleep and ringing the bell is the only way of awakening Him.

Diwali is the festival of lights, Holi is the festival of colours, Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja are to venerate Lord Ganesh and Goddess Durga respectively. Even though the purposes are clear there isn't a need for noise and irrelevant Bollywood music to be a part of this. I don't think it’s right to use festivals as an opportunity where we can compensate for our lack of entertainment. I have no doubt that Lord Ganesh, with His big ears, is able to listen to the prayers that we whisper; and probably wonders what we are up to with Bollywood item numbers blaring from speakers placed so close to His ears.

Wedding based on kundali’s and mahurat

Marriages are made in heaven. Then why should man come in between two people brought together by God? Isn't it surprising, that we being children of the 21st century still look up to the position of the stars and planets to choose a suitable life partner and to decide an auspicious time to get married, both of which do not hold any guarantee of a long and happy married life?

Going by the mahurat (auspicious time) some are fortunate in having their wedding during the day; but those that are unfortunate have to stay awake till early dawn to commence the rituals of formalizing their bond together. With our big fat weddings being such a harrowing process where the bride and groom are too exhausted even to smile, this odd timing to get married is something thankfully I don’t have to get into.

Wedding attire

Last but not the least; I’m sure every girl out there would love wearing a white flowing bridal dress and walk down the aisle. And every guy would love to officially kiss his newly-wed wife in public at the command of the priest “You may now kiss the bride”. I’m happy I would be able to do it. Sorry my non-Christian friends :)

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