Saturday, May 10, 2014

Praise for State of the Heart

#1 Best Seller in Short Stories on Amazon (February 2014). Some of the stories will drive you to tears! The writing does justice to the little things in life that add to its beauty and mystery – Goodreads, Average Rating: 4.

Many of the stories are heart touching which the state of every heart can relate to. An enjoyable read – Flipkart, Average Rating: 5. 

Must Read! Keeps one on the edge of their seat wanting to read more and more... – Amazon. 

Relationships, love and life are like the three legs of a tripod. Without any one, there is no balance. The same hold true for every human being. State of the Heart, through its collection of short stories on these key aspects, cuts across the social spectrum to present to you the lives of people whom you didn't think could be so interesting, but actually are. In short, it could be a story about you or someone like you. 

Every chapter of this book reveals a different aspect of love and life. While some of them are very touching, some are very humorously portrayed, some throw up a surprise at the very end while some of the stories even have a hidden social message. This book is recommended for everyone who love a light read. They are sure to have a smile on their face when they reach the last page.

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  1. Love Never Ends.



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