Saturday, December 28, 2013

Let's hope for a prosperous and cheerful 2014

Hope. It's the only thing that keeps the world moving.

We are all at the dawn of a new year. The one which we hope will fulfill all our dreams, desires and aspirations. The one, if not the best is atleast better than most other years of our lives. 2014 may be the year where some of us may get married and/or have a family, some would get that hard earned promotion, some would reunite with their loved ones while some would achieve their goals. But for all, it would be a year to look forward to and hope for the best. 

No one knows what the future holds for us. The anxiety is too much to bear. And for some who have not had a good time in the recent years its even tougher. Would 2014 be better than 2013 and all the past years or would it be the same or hopefully not, even worse? Even the pundit's cant answer this question. And neither can we do anything about it other than wait and watch. But what we can do is, Hope. 

It's said that when you have your near and dear ones around, no matter how tough the situation, it is conquerable.So let's hope for the presence of our loved ones at all times. Let's hope that we forge new relationships so we never feel alone. Let's hope for love to spread to all corners of this world so instead of terrorist attacks, military supremacy and the innocent losing lives, peace is all we hear of. Let's hope that right wins over wrong, justice triumphs over injustice and good prevails over evil. Let's hope for the freedom to love, care and prosper. Let's all...hope. 

Wish you all a prosperous and cheerful 2014. Keep the faith.

As a small gesture for all the love and good wishes I have received in 2013 I have made a 2014 calendar with relationships, love and life as the theme. I sincerely hope you have these three in abundance in 2014 and always. You can download the calendar at
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  1. I share your hopes and dreams. Wish you a Happy New year.


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