Saturday, December 28, 2013

A unique way to brighten you up till next Christmas

Christmas time is family time, a time to reunite with old friends, family and bury the hard feelings. While Santa time, Christmas trees, carols, sweets, cribs, stars and new year wishes may end with the onset of the year, there's no need for the happiness to end. 

From December 23rd 2013 to December 29th 2013, the Kindle version of my book State of the Heart (rated 4 star on Goodreads)  would be available through a countdown deal for price way below the actual price of $2.99 (INR 185/-). Through this deal you can get it from as low as $0.99 (INR 60/-) up to $1.99 (INR 120/-).

If you're wondering whether the money you spend would be worth it, then you have my word for it. The Kindle version has been made with utmost care to ensure that its perfectly formatted, gives the reader a seamless read and is filled with stories that keeps him/her hooked and leaves him/her with a smile without any glitches, errors or typos. 

The Kindle version can found HERE.You can read it on your smartphone, iPad, PC, Mac, Kindle, anywhere by just downloading the free app. Once purchased the book shall be available across all your devices within a minute. 

So don't you think this is a unique way of brightening up things till next Christmas?
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