Friday, August 23, 2013

Presenting my first book - State of the Heart

Ramakrishnan Subramaniam, Head, Internal Systems, Syntel Inc calls it a wonderful collection of short stories covering so many beautiful facets of human relationships.

Anish Sarkar, Author, Benaami, says its a collection of heartwarming stories which makes you believe in the beauty of life. 

Need we say more?

Presenting the 'State of the Heart' - short stories on relationships, love and life. 
My book has been nothing short of a dream come true that has survived the test of time. After a year of writing the stories the following 6 months only saw constant rejections from publishers and delays – change of project, extended hours at office with no weekends and my father’s sudden illness. 

An outcome of my observation of the people around me, be it in the bus to work or on the street, my book has stories about real people -  the ones you didn't think were so interesting. In short, it could be a story about you or someone like you. My book may not be a great piece of literature but yes, behind every single word you shall find immense passion. 

It shall be available for purchase online (autographed and at a discount) from 31st August. In addition, a part of the proceeds of every book will go towards charity. 
Links and details to be shared soon on

You can also win 3 personally signed copies of my book. For details visit

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  1. Congratulations! Hope to read your book soon

  2. Thank you so much Shamsud. Would love to hear your feedback as well.


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