Friday, January 07, 2011

Celebration Continued....

With the ending of my last blog as I had mentioned the planning and propositions for celebrating the 31st December of 2010 harrowed my head for a while..I will now continue with the sequel of actual events that took place…So..hold on to the seats to a retreat to ‘My World’ of celebration.

The year honestly ended on a very strong note, where I cannot agree more ‘Will and Perseverance’ shall reap you success; if not today then tomorrow. And so, it did BF got a great job offer, something that we had been hoping for a little while now and so, got to spend the early evening of 31st in full ‘ishtyle’..sitting in the car in front of a dosa vendor on the road to Bandra Kurla Complex and chatting up our school days. All the reminiscences just brought a smile on both our faces..somehow..we just missed being children again perhaps.

Post crossing the never ending queue of cars on the Western Express highway on my way back home, I took almost two and a half hours to cover the distance of about 3 kilometers…phew!! An awaiting house party at a friend’s place was next on the cards. Reaching home, about an hour left for the midnight, realized I was already dead tired to do anything else..forget a party. After a while of cajoling by my friend, finally landed at her place to see..’The Amrit dhara already flowing’. With a group of about 12-15 people it was indeed an awesome jam session. ‘Sheila is jawani’ and ‘Munni badnam’ burnt the dance floor. The alter ego of our own selves had a peek-a-boo. The dark and brighter side of personalities rocked the dance floor.

Finally, when the lemon slice did the magic, did I realize I had to sleep as it was already morning 1st January 2011. A heavy head and tired legs finally gave in..sleep did the rest. The sudden mental alarm of sandwiches calling me woke me jostling to an immediate action..’Eat something immediately to get a hang of that stupid hangover’

After the speedy shopping of the necessary items to make some 50 odd sandwiches and a host of other knic-knacks, did I realize that I had an hour and a half left to prepare, make, wrap and transport the eating items to a group of children waiting anxiously.

Living an independent and self reliant life came to my rescue. Efficient and effective ‘Plan of Action’ made within seconds, with an immediate calculation of minimum time required to prepare, make, wrap and transport a single sandwich which multiplied for 50 plus sandwiches would roughly take me little more than 2 hours. Eventually, chopping, slicing, meshing was happening at a speed, for a moment thought..Thank god I just have two hands, anymore would have really created havoc.

4:45pm 1st of January 2011 was the time; I entered the children’s home, and was greeted by a huge group of kids with a look I simply cannot put to words and describe it. Breaking the ice to say a ‘Hi’ was a mixed feeling of anticipation, joy and fear of being ‘not welcome’. The initial 10 minutes of the 50 pairs of gleaming eyes, trying to study my every moment was definitely stressful. However, the next 2 and a half hour was a separate bundle of experience and sheer joy.

We played, we chatted, we shared, we mumbled, we grumbled, we laughed and screamed and exchanged chemistry, I honestly cannot describe. I had fun ..sheer fun in a very very long time. The smiling faces and aura that I experienced that day, I can say friends..nothing compares the joy of a hug by a kid where the purity can make heart skip a beat. I loved spending that time with those kids.

Keeping aside the so called, do good for the society ‘Cliché’, I humbly and modestly just went there to have fun, and I did have it all…mind blowing fun. Coming back home had hardly any more strength left to move my feet. A heavy doze of sleep was the remedy that could heal me. And so did I take it..slept like a child with no worries in the world.

An experience, which was more valuable and priceless than hoping and expecting from people, who talk, meet, greet, treat when it is convenient for them or if you could only adjust your plans that can fit theirs.

I felt the pinch and experienced an aspect of life, I had read until now. A learning to take forward is…reminding myself each and every time I feel let down and left out, I have a group of kids who would embrace all the worries and make me sweat it out playing throw-ball with them.

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  1. I like the way you narrated that how the simple things in life can be celebrated and lived for. Way to go..


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