Friday, January 07, 2011

Celebration Time!!

After an over exasperating contemplation of what would I be doing this new  year’s eve, I have to share that eventually I have planned and have implemented a perfect one, which will remain in my memories perhaps till the time I hit the grave.
With all the hoopla around me and various options available, segregating through them and pick the best idea as close as to near perfection was indeed quite confusing. Dodging the mind games, emotional atyachars and all the melo-drama, I have decided to spend the first day of the year 2011 with a group of children..more precisely street children who are under the care of a children’s home.

I had actually been planning to visit this children’s home for a while now, but as we all know, when the heart is not ready no matter what the mind says or vice-versa, implementation of any idea is simply ‘Time Pass’. And then, we all the time go to great lengths to justify, why the idea was not successfully implemented and weave amazing stories around it.
Anyways, coming back to my new year celebration, I have really thank my boy friend (…yet again) for helping me use my grey matter to a more satisfying solution and definitely helping me cover another milestone to self discovery. I had initially planned (..and earnestly wanted) a romantic evening with him and for a change talk about us and not how work is happening. But like we have all experienced at a point in time in life…life is not (..mostly) how you plan it, he was not interested in any dinners or outings and sorts like that, as for him it is just not a ‘Great’ idea.

Well, after a few hours of wallowing myself in pain of being totally set aside of something that I was really looking forward to in a long long long time; the zestful and never say never attitude kicked in and then came a tight rap (..invisible one) on the face and all the wallowing just stopped. Took the appointment from the sister in-charge of the children’s home and discussed what all I would like to do and why I want to do, to which the sister simply did a handshake and said..I like your idea go ahead!

After taking down the subtle details that I would need to take care of while interacting with the kids, the itinerary and the menu was made. Home-made sandwiches, some cola-cola bottles or maybe home-made tang, wafers and some ‘chiki’ or maybe some chocolates are going to be the eating items. Some spot games with some gifts and a small gift hamper for all these kids (..almost 50 in number) is what I have finalized.
I was amazed that my new year would be simply rocking and so much filled with fun. The saying ‘Company matters’ just got scribed into my soul forever. I just could not agree more ‘An idea can change your life’..sometimes forever. The anticipation of spending the time with the kids was just like waking up early morning before sunrise and getting ready for a school picnic.
Sometimes, a ‘No’ can really inspire some eventful episodes in life and these episodes further inspire to share and connect with just not the world around us but most importantly ‘Us’.

Celebration!! be continued…

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