Sunday, July 12, 2009

Water Woes

The importance of water is only known when you don’t have it. Though I’ve always known that, I’m just undergoing a revision.

I remember the days when I used to avoid taking bath daily. According to me taking bath daily is like one of the most boring things on the planet. To be honest it’s sometimes not essential. To my father and my sister taking bath is all about being fresh and hygienic, but to me taking bath daily is like wasting water and soap. I justify the need of taking bath after a long, tiring and sweaty day. But what if u haven’t even moved out of your house, haven’t got into any kind of physical activity and have not even shed a miniscule of fat? In fact I would advice taking bath either every alternate day or when the need truly arises. Due to my stand I’ve always been ridiculed by one and all. But I do land up giving a strong defense. Whenever anyone confronted me on this issue I would just state him two facts.
1. Take bath after 2 days and just sense the feeling. It’s truly amazing…
2. (the most thoughtful) Kach pada (it’s a slum area near to where I live) people are not getting water, think about them.

Well with all those days behind me and me taking bath every single day (it's just that now I get into much more physical activity than ever) these present days of water shortage have made me realize that somewhere probably down the line I must have seriously saved lot of water. I felt happy and contented that in some way I have helped a lot of Kach Pada people indirectly. However all my joys were dealt with a big blow the moment I saw Kach Pada people enjoying uninterrupted and free flowing water. Well now one may imagine as to how Is this possible? Well thanks to the cracks in the pipe line. I wonder why such things never happen near my locality.

So now thanks to no water, I’m stuck dirty, unshaven, and have a hell lot of matter in my tummy that’s just waiting for download. God save me. (It’s seriously shocking to note that it’s raining like cats and dogs outside) what luck??? Now will someone please open the water tank…

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