Friday, September 13, 2013

Memorable Quotes from the 'State of the Heart'

I wanted my first book to be a beautiful and lifelong memory. This is a collection of the memorable quotes from the State Of The Heart. I aim to make this post a constantly growing one, adding a quote as I come across them. You can add your favourite one's in the comments.

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"One went to two, two became four and the series continued. The more I tried to pull out the more I got pulled in. Constant fighting at home and bad academic grades made my new found world even more attractive. There there were no compulsions, no obligations; where you were the super-hero slaying beasts, demons and villains alike; where everything was perfect and reality was left far behind."
Page 13, Addiction.

“You say faster dispensation of justice; can you guarantee the safety of a lone woman on the streets? Can you reach for the police at once and be sure of their arrival in a jiffy? In fact if you can reach the control room while there’s still a chance for survival it would be a miracle.”
Page 73, The Chief Minister's Independence Day Speech.

“It’s not easy Nikhil. It’s very easy to say part ways. But doing it is very tough. I have loved this guy for the last six years; all this while I’ve had dreams of settling down with him and having kids. He has been my first and only love."
Page 105, It's Not Easy.

“I thought where there is love there is no place for hate.” “And where there's love there's complete trust as well.”
Page 114, The Greatest Of Them All.

"Life is indeed wonderful with your loved ones around but it can also be so cruel when we all least expect it."
Page 146, A Rainy Day.
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