Friday, November 02, 2012

True Friends & Their Apartness

Something in life never change,
Some memories seem so strange,

Some people mean more then friendship to you,
Just their presence means a lot to you,

Some moments in life are not forgotten,
And they become memories for certain,

Sometimes in life you don't find reasons,
Some situations are out of one's vision,

Sometimes thing don't go the way you wish them to be seen,
Sometimes you smile even when you are broken and not keen,

Sometimes people in life are part of you,
And those people are always special and few,

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your friendship,
Just for the well being of your friend's fellowship,

When you let those people go,
Not necessarily because of one's ego,

You never loose them because,
They became the reason for every cause,

They never seem to part from you,
As you find them living within you...

True friends live within you even when they are no longer with you!!!

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