Sunday, April 08, 2012

An Easter wish.

Once there was a small boy who hated studying. No matter how much his teachers tried they could not get him take an interest in them. His disinterest reflected in his grades and consequently in his attitude and of those he interacted with. No amount of incentives, punishments could get the boy to study. Seeing the urgency of the situation his parents were summoned and told to do something about it. The parents too tried their best but in vain. Finally the school recommended that the boy be admitted to a convent school that was famous for disciplining kids. Having no option the parents admitted their child and entrusted him to the priests and nuns who were to be his teachers. 

A few days passed and to the amazement of one and all the child started performing exceptionally well. He did his homework on time, scored well in tests, etc. Not knowing what had transpired the puzzled parents asked the boy, “Son, what’s the matter? What has made you love your studies and perform so well?” The son didn’t answer. Again his parents prod him further hoping for a reply and an end to their confusion. The son a bit scared finally opened up and replied, “You see, up on the wall in my classroom they have a statue of a man nailed to a cross. I’m scared that if I don’t do well in my studies they may hang me up there too.”

The wonders of Christ may be great. He cured people of their illness, brought the dead to life, cleansed us of our sins, etc. But more importantly what Christ did and does is through his mysterious ways takes all our minus’ and turns them into plus’ just by coming into our lives. If you look closely the cross is shaped like a plus sign too. Hence put a little more of Jesus in your life and the world will be a happy place, no more fighting, no more strife, everyone will have a smiling face. Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.   

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