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How to complain against private and government companies

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I have made a survey and after the analysis and great response of the survey lot of users request me to write the Blog

Look guys now a days every one is having some problem with lot of organization like by mobile companies , Digital TV companies , Banks , service provider companies , insurance companies ,India railway etc …

But we don’t know how to do complain against them as first we don’t have time and second we assume that it’s a very critical process.

First we have to discuss how it works

Do you know one thing that there is online consumer court where you can register your self and lodge your complaint, from there it will directly forward to the particular company and its their duty to reply against your query or complaint

Real Examples

Ok I’ll give u real examples (Bank related)

If you have any kind of loan problem like they are not giving you education loan or forcing you to deposit the money on the basis of wrong statement , you can write directly to consumer court or better you should write to RBI

Or you this is your right to write a letter to Ombudsman of that bank, they would have to replay and trust me they always reply

Once I had a problem with Airtel digital Tv , I Recharged that card and still I was not getting the required channel so I wrote to the consumer court and they did a lot of calls and send me apologies mails and fixed my problem.

Once my Sony sound edition mobile displayed got burst at that time it was in warranty period and I gave it to the costumer care they repaired it and gave back to me after some time it had same problem but this time it was not in warranty period

When I showed my mobile to the local shop , he told the Sony cc just use the used part in display .Then I complaint about this to Sony , and my mobile was repaired free of cost

Once I mailed to the GM of the railways and I complaint against the mineral water bottles and food of his zone and he replied me and try to satisfy me with its argument

So friends Its our duty to lodge the complaint against the wrong thing and keep hope.

Most important lodging of online complaint hardly takes 5 min so please just find out 5 mn from Facebook , orkut , YouTube etc and spend on  better things.

It may frustrate you but keep hope …


please share your reviews and feedback on this blog and share your experience if you have gone through some complaint

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